[A16] Pests! (Blight Replacement) v.0.1.1

Started by Nandonalt, January 15, 2017, 07:39:43 PM

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Wow this mod seem just great. Too bad it's not compatible with A17 =(

Lady Wolf


I think I've read on the Steam (in comments, here) that it's still working in A17.


Ok it was bullshit, I tried and it's not true

Lupin III

I'd really like to see this mod for A17 as well (although it quite often meant a few of my pawns ended up in hospital or dead when going haywire on the small critters ;) ). In the meantime I'd suggest Blight Containment. It's not similar, but it still gives blights a little bit more of a realistic feel (mostly only hits one type of crop and can be contained by walls).


i know this is dead.
but can someone update it to v1.2?