[A15] Bug, or simple error message?

Started by ruddthree, September 14, 2016, 06:25:41 PM

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I heard explosions to find that one of my visitors had been killed by her own frag grenades while fending off a red fox. The sensible thing to do would be to to give her a honorable burial, and I placed her corpse into a sarcophagus. However, when I checked the art tab, like I usually do, I noticed what looked to be an error message. I'm assuming because it was not my colonist, nor a raider, but a visitor - specifically a trader. Reloading the game does not fix this issue.

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your screenshot is really small for whatever reason, so I can't see the issue. Maybe describe what I'd be looking at? You can put non-colonists in boxes just fine, although this just goes to show you should be eating them. Probably.


There's a download link underneath the image, I think (there was for me). As for the size, I'm not sure how to make it larger aside from using external programs beforehand.

Edit: Ignore the link, the downloaded image is small as well. I found out that the actual screenshot I took was shrunken for some odd reason. I do remember something along the lines of ":TradedWith" so maybe that has something to do with it.


afaik there's actually a known bug regarding art descriptions, which will be treated with a16
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Thank you for the bug report. As 14m1337 says above, there is currently a known bug associated with art descriptions. I do not know if the bug you encountered is connected to this or not, as your screenshot is too small, and the additional detail provided is insufficient to know if this is the same but, or a separate one. Here is the thread and Mantis report on this issue:-
https://ludeon.com/mantis/view.php?id=2657 .

I think it's probably best to close this thread for now on the basis that it is probably the same bug. If you encounter this issue again while playing A15, and you think it is a different bug to the one I've linked, then please PM me and I will unlock the thread (so you can post additional info and a save file etc.).