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Started by sulusdacor, September 20, 2016, 08:43:31 AM

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the double beds are not better as the single ones. as i said before its a practical reason. with the social system your colonists can get in a relationship,hock up and get married. these things give them a quite good mood bonus. on the other hand they get grumpy if they cant sleep with their loved one, which is only possible in double beds. they get really pissed if they break up and so on. so if you have a couple in a colony you want them in a double bed to keep thier mood up, have a good opinion of their lover and stay in the realtionship.

you can have all single beds and if you get a couple just build a double bed, assign them to it and done. but sometimes you overlock some pop-up messages, when you do other things in your colony. if you build only double beds your couples will use the same bed automatically when they get in a relationship. you dont have to search them and assign manually. so its more a quality of life thing.

as for the space and ressouces they take over single ones. this is usally not an issue in larger colonies later on, when you get a few people, can call trades to get ressouces. and for the reason above most players i have seen build at least rooms fitting a double bed.


i know about the relationships between colonists and I hav benefited from marraiges a lot. but i never had more 8 colonists, so keepin track of everyone was easy. Anyway, to keep this post on topic I'll say: my pawns started replacing all their old beds with sulusdacor beds and they can't stop thinking about how comfortable they are ;)
Cool Mod, Bro Everything in RimWorld doesn't have to be either brown or grey anymore: Now you can Pick a Color!


I like the beds! The other stuff is cool too, but the beds are really nice.


luciferium production

"These mechanoids could be the devil's spawn" - one colonist said and a crazy scientist started researching^^
   - adds a way to produce luciferium
   - needs research to build/produce/start, recipes need pawns with 10 crafting (extracting) and 7 medicine (medicine just for recipe on druglab)
   - how to get: kill mechs, get mech oil from them(sideproduct of disaasembly), distille it to raw luciferium batches, make luciferium with neutroamine at druglab
   - can build a stasis pod to extract mech oil
   - all stuff can be traded (exotic traders)

Sub Topic

the process is based of the assumption that you harvest mechanite oil from the downed mechanoid enemys. their "blood"/oil contains trace amounts of mechanites needed for luciferium, with distillerys you get some raw luciferium, which you convert at the drug lab into luciferium pills. needs neutroamine for this (maybe install a neutroamine production mod for this). you have an option to build a stasis pod to harvest mechanite oil any time and supply your colonist with luciferium all time this way. not depending on specific enemy raids. exotic goods trades can trade all the goods, if you get unlucky with raids or run low.

the research is just one project named luciferium after drugproduction, need the high tier research bench, multianalyzer to do.

the recipes to get mechanite oil from downed mechanoids is not researched locked (skill lock with 10 crafting still), so its not so much rng dependent. you get 1 oil form all mechs. the process kills them and is always sucess full. since you need downed enemys and thats already random. you can find a dragable order to easier asign the recipe to downed mechs in your orders category (should be near the end). This will assign the correct recipe to scythers/centipedes. All colonists performing tasks on mechanoids need the construction skill enabled. This is "locked" in the base games code and has nothing to do with this mod specifily.

you can build the distillerys after the research. same temperature range as beer barrels to keep them running, just needs 5 days tho. and only 10 oil, to make 5 raw luciferium batches. they need power to run (100). with the raw luciferium batch and neutroamine (each 10) you can craft 5 pills of luciferium. so basiclly 2x distillery to get a "full" recipe. the recipe on the druglab is skilllocked by 7 medicine and will give medicine exp.

the mechanite stasis pod needs 20 mechanite oil and 1 mechcorpse (besides the normal steel/component stuff). the mech corpse needs to be prepared at the machining table to be used to build the pod (use scyther or centipded corpse). prepared mechanoid corpsed can be traded and disassembled again, you will lose out on materials. compared to disassembling a mechanoid direct. just to prevent filling storage and maybe a way to buy them from exotic goods traders and get materials.

buildings are rotateable and can be minified.

as of a16, added mass. distillery 10, stasis pod 500, oil/luci batch 0.5, prepared mech corpse 50.

research project moved to x = 19.


Thx on theubie for using the code from his shutdown all mod.

Thx to the author of PatchOperationFindmod code (not sure who came up with this), using the one from cuproPanda alloys

Steamworkshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=769335785

Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7kg14xx9d315bui/sd_luciprod_v1.7z?dl=0

GitHub: https://github.com/sulusdacor/sd_luciprod/releases

source code for modders: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yxb6o0qu9o375ex/sd_luciprod_v1_source.7z?dl=0

Version for previous Rimworld versions can be found in my dropbox folder with older mods: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zicyfuehl0aeta2/AADHVYYYU8yhJ2yUWttwnf1ma?dl=0

Compatibility Patches

should work with other mech mods if these are mechcorpses after death

How to install:
- Unzip the contents and place them in your RimWorld/Mods folder.
- Activate the mod in the mod menu in the game.

personal changelog for mod "[sd] luciferium production""

- 24/09/2016

- released -

- 07/10/2016

- reduced workamount for pod extraction (9000 -> 3000)
(could operate 20 distillerys with 3 pods easly,with no even producing all the time)
- added abstract parents to files which missed them (mostly thingdefs)
- removed sound+effect working on pod
- removed skillrequirement medicine, 10 crafting still  there
- changed skilrequirement on druglab table to 7 medicine only (no crafting required), get around 100 exp with no passion if doing this
- reduced research cost from 5k to 3k, with crashlanded start it is around 6k,since you start with industrial tech level (was 10k before)
- added jobstring in recipe on druglab to show "produce luciferium"

- 23/12/2016

- updated to 16
- added mass to items: corpse 50, oil 0.5, luci batch 0.5
- added mass to buildings: distillery 10 (same as fermenting barrel vanilla), stasis pod 500
- renamed some def names/ variables in code/xml: with sd_luciprod all at the start
research def from ..._luci to ..._luciprod
prepared mech corpse to sd_luciprod_prep_mech_corpse
removed most case sensitive def in xmls-> all to lower case
- updated code/assemblies to a16
- moved research to x 19

- added designator (like shutdown all) in code/assemblie

- 25/12/2016

- added menu icon for designator

- 30/12/2016

- some grammar stuff, lower/upper case fixes

- 06/01/2017

- fixed worktobuild xml tag,used old one,that got debug to 1 worktomake = instant build

- 05/06/2017

- update to a17
- added sellprice factor to buildingbase
- in code updated somestuff, fixed the empty inspect line in getinspec string
- changed luciextract recipe workclass to new recipe_shutdown

- 13/06/2017

- added designator to take mechanoid oil over the patch operations to the order menue to avoid an issue with stuffed floors mod

- 28/12/2017

- update to b18
- <Defs> out of msot researchdefs jobdefs and so on.
- skillrequirement in recipedefs syntax change to current version, no list
- jobdef added suspendable false to fill job
- minor code update for b18
- switched workspeed from brewing to drugproduction speed for making luci end product
- added workgiver for mechanoids

- 06/01/2018

- added patchoperation findmod
- added patch for orions more mechanoids and mechanoids extraordinaire in main mod over patchoperations

- 15/01/2018

- added modsync

- 26/10/2018

- rimworld 1.0 update
- assembly update,mostly some stuff that was renamed
- xml updates
- changed oil to be a side product of disassembly of mechs (since shut down was removed)

- 06/11/2018

- removed the designator, since the recipe is not needed anymore
- added spanish and spanishlatin by CANALETA
- german by me


conduit wall


adds a conduit wall. haven't found a current mod for this so. nothing new.

Sub Topic

- linked to vanilla electricity research
- increased work to make from 150 to 185
- cost same as normal + 1 steel
- rest stats same as the normal walls

Decided not to increase its hp, since it should be more a quality of life thing.


Steamworkshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=781146488

Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z9ihc3fek5p32l2/sd_conduitwall_v1.7z?dl=0

GitHub: https://github.com/sulusdacor/sd_conduitwall/releases

Version for previous Rimworld versions can be found in my dropbox folder with older mods: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zicyfuehl0aeta2/AADHVYYYU8yhJ2yUWttwnf1ma?dl=0

How to install:
- Unzip the contents and place them in your RimWorld/Mods folder.
- Activate the mod in the mod menu in the game.

personal changelog for mod "sd_conduitwall"

- 21/12/2016

- updated to a16
- split xmls to base and building one

- 06/01/2017

- fixed the xml worktobuild, had old one there,w hich resulted in instant build

- 03/06/2017

- update to a17
- added sellprice mod to building abstract
- added overlap zones to false to wall

- 28/12/2017

- update to b18
- removed ignoreneedspower

- 14/01/2018

- added modsync file

- 27/10/2018

- rimworld 1.0 update

- 03/11/2018

- rest of the 1.0 update




"This is your medical area? It looks a bit ... empty."
"Don't worry just lay down and we will start with the operation"
... several missing limbs the patient died in a simple operation to replace an eye ...
   - adds medical facilities to link to your beds
   - needs to be researched, 3 research projects (medieval, industrial, space)
   - adds 3 medieval facilites, 2 industrial facilicies (you have the vanilla vitals monitor as the third), 3 spacy facilities
   - all stuff can be linked to the vanilla beds
   - the boni from the linked facilities are immunity gain and treatment quality only
   - the boni are quite low, but the will influence the game balance. please keep that in mind!

This mod does NOT:
   - it does NOT change the games mechanic in treating, illness and operations.
   - it does NOT add any additional beds. (it just makes the vanilla beds "respond" to the added facilities by "redefining" them.)
   - it does NOT work with beds added by other mods if not specified by the other mod. (to let beds use the facilites they need to have their properties changed in the mod xml defining/adding them. if you have done that it will work.)
Sub Topic

stats boni for the facilites are the following:
(treatment = treatment/tend quality, immunity= immunity gain speed)

-wash pan: +2% treatment
-surg instrument: -1% treatment, +2% immunity
-lamp: +2% treatment

-instruments: +2% immunity, +2% treatment
-lamp: +6% treatment
-vitalsmonitor(vanilla): +2% immunity, +7% treatment (vanilla values, havent changed that and the mod does not change this item. just for comparison sake here)

-instruments: +2% immunity, +4% treatment
-vitals: +4% immunity, +10% treatment
-lamp: +8% treatment

All medical facilits have a quite large link range. this is wanted. so you can put them anywhere in the room and there is no need for the "next to bed issues". for the facilities there is at the moment no way to forbid one if another one of a higher tier is active. this means a bed can potentially use 9 facilites and get quite high stats. i'm aware of that issue. it is your gameplay. so it's up to youself to use or abuse this ;)

All the lamps have small bright light area. it is around 3 cells, so that u can place them at the feet side of beds and still get the boni if your docots works on the head side. this is for users of the darknes/light mod, that influences your colonists manipulation and in this way their surgerychance. it has the other "problem", that you can potentially use these as a cheaper sunlight version. like the link thing above. it is your gameplay. so it's up to youself to use or abuse this.

research cost for the 3 projects are 100, 200, and 300 points in the corresponding tech levels. the medieval one don't have any prerequisites., others rely on the previous one. the last spacer ones needs the vanilla vitalsmonitor as a research before hand. hightech bench for the industrial level and the multianalyzer for the space stuff.

the diseases and operations are balanced around the vanilla game. the boni from the mod are minor, but especially using the space tech level stuff will make the diseases way less challenging. with how the mechanic of them work to be challenging in the base game, even slight boni will take this away. so you might loose out on some ingame fun there :D

How to add the facilities to other mods?

If you have done modding you probalby know and i just need to say: i have added a comps section with all the linked facilities in comment form in the xml. so you can just copy paste this and dont have to search for every defname.

If you are not a modder there are two ways. do it yourself (describing below) or bug the creator from the other mod, link him mine and let him do a compatible version.

For the do yourself: you will need a programm to read,write and save the file format .xml. the normal note pad, word should do or another programm of your choice. you will need to open your mods folder(Rimworld/Mods) or download my mod again. If you use steam, the files from the steam mods are in the workshop folder.

Now go my mod sd_medicaddons/Patches.

(need to rewrite this, deleted the old section for the while just the info below should help, i will go inot more detail once all 17 updates are done)

you can find a broad description of the new modding operators here: https://gist.github.com/Zhentar/4a1b71cea45b9337f70b30a21d868782

as example you can look at the patch file in medic addons(sd_medicaddons/Patches). the [1] corresponds to the position the <comps> section. so if affected by facilites would be not on first place in this section, for exmplae glow or breakdown or other would be before you would see at which point this comes. for example in the vanilla files the high tech research bench compsection looks like this:
      <li Class="CompProperties_Power">
      <li Class="CompProperties_Flickable"/>
      <li Class="CompProperties_AffectedByFacilities">

here the section we want to add to is at 3rd place:
<li Class="CompProperties_AffectedByFacilities">

so this section you should pay attention to in the item/thingdef you want to add  the medic addons. for the research benach the brackt number would be [3] for that reason. on all vanilla beds it is at first place in the comp section therefor the [1].

the goodnight mod topic has a more detailed description.


Thx to the author of PatchOperationFindmod code (not sure who came up with this), using the one from cuproPanda alloys

Steamworkshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=786233894

Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ri36v7e56lg1eb4/sd_medicaddons_v1.7z?dl=0

GitHub: https://github.com/sulusdacor/sd_medicaddons/releases

source code for modders: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0g05bv11fcayhpz/sd_medicaddons_v1_source.7z?dl=0

Version for previous Rimworld versions can be found in my dropbox folder with older mods: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zicyfuehl0aeta2/AADHVYYYU8yhJ2yUWttwnf1ma?dl=0

Compatibility Patches

the main mod version now includes the patches over patchoperations and mod load checker. So you don't need these anymore as extra mods. Let me know if want some compatibility added with specific mods.

so far it includes:
Vanilla = added linkable stuff from medicaddons to all beds and animal bed+box (includes adding vitalsmonitor to animalbed+box; does not include the sleepingspots)
[T]MoreBeds = adds the linkable thing from medic addons to the additional beds from MoreBeds (works with both versions)
RIMkea = adds the linkable thing from medic addons to the additional beds from RIMkea
CTS = adds meddicaddons to CTS adv hospital bed
[sd]goodnight = adds medic addons to goodnight beds
fast regen = adds medicaddons stuff to all the beds from fast regen mod (even animal ones)
NeuTech Advanced Medical Pod = added medicaddons stuff to the medical pod from NeuTech
Medieval Times = added medicaddons stuff to the medieval cot beds(single+double), adds the vanilla things to them too(endtable, dresser, vitalsmonitor)
【ZP】Zipangu pack = added medicaddons stuff to both straw bed versions beds(normal+superior and single+double) and added to the 3 animal beds (includes vitals monitor), adds the vanilla things to some beds too if missing(endtable, dresser, vitalsmonitor)
Mending Beds = added medicaddons stuff to the beds, added vitalsmonitor if missing

How to install:
- Unzip the contents and place them in your RimWorld/Mods folder.
- Activate the mod in the mod menu in the game.

personal changelog for mod "sd_medicaddons"

- 30/10/2016

- fixed research prerequisite to space surgery lamp, was industrial before
- cleaned up the research sections in the xml to bring them in line with other commands using <li>

- 23/11/2016

- added comp to my vanillabedbase, since it seemed to be missing in the abstract and therefor for singlebeds

- 22/12/2016

- updated for a16
- renamed texture names space to spacer
- removed tags from research, rename space to spacer in research xml
- added research tree locations: x = 13,14,15
- set ai_chill destination to false
- moved more xml tag lines to abstract from the individual facilities
- split xml file into seperate ones, base, eras and vanilla overrides
- added trade tag furniture to facilities
- changed medical treatmentquality/immunity gain ( mostly higher boni, less mali):
medieval washpan: +0,01 -> +0,02
medieval surg instr: -0,02 -> -0,01
medieval surg lamp: +0,01 -> +0,02
industr surg instr: 0 -> 0,02
indust lamp +0,02 -> +0,06
spacer vitals: +0,06 -> +0,1
spacer instruments: +0,02 -> +0,04
spacer surg lamp: +0,04 -> + 0,08
- added generic mass from vitals monitor of 20, for all facilites in base

- 25/12/2016

- updated defnames from more furniture mod (in vanillachanged commentform)
- updated Preview image

- 06/01/2017

- fixed the worktobuild xml tag, used old worktomake, which got idebuged to instant build (work 1)

- 29/01/2017

- added display range for surgery lights. these show the overlight radius (100% light range)

- 30/05/2017

- changed masses from base 20 to 10 medieval, 20 industrial, 30 spacer
- added patch folder + file that removes the old override process, should improve compatibility

- 29/12/2017

- update to b18
- updated about file, since patchoperations do change thing with overwriting+mod compatiblity
- fixed roots <Defs>
- added research tab
- added bedrolls to patch list
- fixed some casesensitve xml tags
- added adv comp to spacer stuff (all slightly more expensive now)
- removed components 5 and replaced 2 adv (rate is 4comp about 1adv)
- 1 adv added to instruments, had no component cost

- 06/01/2018

- added patchoperationfind mod
- added the patches now in the main mod (makes additional patchmods obsolete
- so far supports: [t]morebeds(both versions), goodnight, cts, rimkea
- updated about file with note for compatibiltiy

- 07/01/2018

- added support for mod fast regen b18
- in vanilla patch replaced li[1] with the compclass variant

- 15/01/2018

- added modsync

- 23/01/2018

- added neutech to modcompatibility
- added linkable for vanilla animal sleeping box and animal bed
- added version number in about file

- 04/04/2018

- added medieval times to patches, modcomp

- 08/04/2018

Ver.: b18-1.0.6
- added compatibility with zipangu pack mod, added vitals monitor to some beds, where it was missing
- updated version in about file, not that i would forget XD

- 09/04/2018

Ver.: b18-1.0.7
- updated modsync file
- added mending beds comp

- 23/10/2018

- update for Rimworld 1.0
- xml updates for 1.0
- thingcategories buildingsmisc added for minification purposes
- replaced components just with new versions
- added construction skillrequirements (levels: 4,8,12 for medieval,industrial,spacer)
- removed old modsync file for now
- changed multi textures to new endings (noth,south,east)

- 25/10/2018

- fixed fastregen mod name so medicaddons now link

- 03/11/2018

- added japanese language file by proxyer
- added spanish and spanislatin by canaleta
- german by sulusdacor


Medic addons will work with EPOE right? As EPOE does not change the medical bed stats correct?


should be fine. as far as i know EPOE just adds the workbenches in terms of buildings/furniture.


Those Medic Addons look very vanilla. The spacer ones are so detailed, yet they still look vanilla. Really good art here!
Cool Mod, Bro Everything in RimWorld doesn't have to be either brown or grey anymore: Now you can Pick a Color!



(more pictures on steampage)
"Time to get your feet wet (or not)"
   - adds 3 research projects (bridges, drawbridge, terraforming)
   - adds 1 linkable woodbridge type (sea + land bridge)
   - adds 1 linkable pontoon bridge (can only be build on water/mud/marsh)
   - adds 1 drawbridge
   - adds foundation to build on shallow water types, platform to build on your foundation for structurs later on
   - adds the option to terrafrom terrain from solid ground to deep water or from deep water to solid ground (needs several steps)
   - adds a terraforming category in the architect menu
   - adds 2 materials (foundation material and pontoons), recipes for both at stonecutter/machining table, single and bulk(10)

   This mod does NOT add any growable soil to place, please use other mods for this.
   For more information or questions about compatibility please read the extended description in the forum thread.
   (with patchoperations it should work fine with most mods currently)
   Keep in mind that adding "unpassable" terrain screws the AI of pawns.
   -> use at your own discretion ;)

Sub Topic

Some words of caution (again i know): The mod enables you to place impassable, indestructible terrain (deep water). This will potentially break the Ai of your enemys, makes raids a joke and so on. so as always up to you to use or abuse. on the plus side, you can build nice bases^^

The woodbridges added by the game can be build out of 20 stuff (wood,stones,metals). You can place the Landbridges on any terrain you would build normaly. To build them on water you need to add a foundation first (15 foundation material). This can be placed on mud/marsh or shallow water. You can place a bridge on that foundation. You can not place buildings on water bridges. To place buildings on water you have to construct a platform (25 foundation material) on a foundation. Building platforms is very work intensive(9000). The bridges are the fast/easy to construct solution, the platforms are more permanent and there for more work intense. Wood bridge and pontoon bridge are linkable.

The pontoon bridge is build out of 2 stuff (wood/metal/stone) and 1 pontoon. So your walkway and the swimming part. Pawns can only walk over pontoon bridges, but not stand on them. They are fast to build. The main bulk of the work goes in producing the pontoons. You can only build it on water type tiles(shallow water/marsh/deep water/mud). Pontoon bridge and woodbridge are linkable. The Pontoon bridge negates all walking impairments of the water tiles. It should not be made minifieable by other mods (will lead to problems,see compability section below).

The material/item recipes are at the stonecutter/maching table. single and bulk(10). recipes at maching table are less work intensive. the recipes should unlock after you have the bridges research. Foundation material converts 3 stuff (stone,metal,wood) and 1 metal to 4 foundation material, so basiclly a 1:1. (it's just a work around to be able to make them out of various materials). The pontoons are 10 metal/wood to 1 pontoon. You can trade pontoons with exotic goods traders or traders dealing with similar  wares(exotic tradetag). This is to have an option to get rid of the pontoons. All recipes have as a preset the normal wood,steel and the vanilla stonetypes enabled and other stuff disabled.

The research is divided in the bridges part (unlocks foundation, platform, wood bridges, pontoon bridge) and the terraforming part (options: dig up water, place shallow water, place deep water). The bridges research is neolithic tech level. the terraforming is medieval tech level. i wanted both to be a lower tech level to be able to use these in low tech runs (castle building^^).

All terrafom options just cost work. To terraform ground to deepwater, you have to dig up water first (places mud tile), place shallow water on these and then place deep water on the shallow water tiles. The process is quite work intensive. the deepwater work is double the cost of the others (5000 and 10000). To convert deep water to ground you have to place shallow water on the deepwater tiles. After that use the fundaments and place a platform on them. the platforms have the same stats and texture like concrete (just bit darker to see difference). they support heavy buildings. so you should be able to build anything on there.

the terrain tiles added are basiclly floors. which mean you can remove them with the "remove floors" command. this will result in the original terrain. the only exception if found is the original deep water will turn to sand terrain. you can terraform deep water with this (faster) by just building shallow water and then remove the floor. as always use or abuse how you like ;)
(removed the changeable terrain option for the most part on vanilla terrain so this exploit should not work anymore)

if you want the options to terraform up to growable soil use the vegetable garden or tilled soil mod. The vegetable garden mod needs to be loaded before the bridges mod in your load order(override some same terraindefs). the tilled soil mod should not matter, since i dont saw any overlap there in what it adds.

Due to how the game identifies things the Fishing Pier add by the Mod Fishindustry is not compatible with the watertiles added by this mod. you can use my mod prepare for fishing to make it compatible.

drawbridges currently cost 100 stuff (wood,stone,metall), 25 steel and 5 woodlogs. i wanted to make them medieval aproved^^

some issus/compatibility stuff

The bridges use the linkflag "custom10". as far as i know no other mod is using these at the moment. but if tho, the bridges will link to the buildings having these assigned.

The Designation category terraforming has order 187. it should be behind/next to floors. can change if you use other mods. i haven't checked all the floor mods, but i hope there are no issues here.

To make enable building on vanilla water i added the affordance "undefined" to shallow water, deep water, mud and marsh. these are done with the patchoperations added with a17. they do a sequence check so it should be compatible with most other mods using patches for terrain tiles. the terrain tiles altered by the mod have all mostly the affordance needed set to undefined and the affordance they provide are undefined. this should make nothing buildable on the water,mud and fundament tiles. as far as i know no mod uses these. the exclusion for the terraforming is done over the placeworkers. the affordance is the main reason there are two bridges, you can only set one affordance needed. it prevents the need for a placeworker taking into account every terrain added by mods on land.

The bridges are on the altitude layer floor. with the latest update (3/11/2016) you can place all buildings(walls, furniture,etc) over them. i set isedifice to false, which makes this possible. you can now use them as a kind of flooring. the side effect is, that i had to remove the fill percent line, which couses grass to poke out between the floor boards and bushes can grow over them. so yeah, think that still looks good and gives some incentive to place floor under them. you should be able to place other things from mods over them, like door mats(mod). one issue i ran into was,that it creates some texture glitching on steam geysirs. if you place the bridges over them.

the path cost for the terrain tiles added to build/terraform have the normal values like there vanilla counter parts. the fundament has the same path cost as shallow water. since the bridges count as building and the movement speed uses the terrain under them, the sea bridge has the movement speed boni to offset these value(-12). the move speed on bridges build on fundaments will be 100% with this. the land bridges have a lower movement speed boni(-1). you can still place floors under the land bridges to get a total movement bonus over 100%. normaly this will just offset rough stones (soil has path cost 2 i think).

the mod adds new terrain tiles. these appear with the same name ingame. since each thing has a definingname(defname) and a label (the actual name you see ingame). The defname is for the game to identify things, the label is displayed as the item name ingame. This brings some issues. As an example you have basiclly two times shallow water displayed ingame,with same textures and all,but they are actually diffrenent things(as far as the game in concerned). For mods that search for these watertiles to place things (like Fishindustry) it means they cannot be placed on the new tiles. i made the mod prepare for fishing as a compatibility solution, which enables you to place vanilla water tiles. another problem is with mods overwriting the vanilla water terrain. they usally don't add the undefined affordance. so you might want to load bridges after them or just look in the xml files.

the pontoon bridge sets the terrain under it when placed and removes it when destroyed/deconstructed. If it is removed by other means somehow the placed terrain will stay (for example if you would minify it, thats why this tag is not enabled). the linkflag is set to the same as the woodbridge (custom 10), so both are linkable to each other. pawns can not stand on the bridge to make it a crossing solution and the other bridge the permanent solution to use. the recipes for the pontoon parts can be found at the stone cutter and machining table (1 and 10 parts recipes). stacksize is set to 400, since the pontoon parts are no survival relevant ressouce.

the flammability of the foundation materials is set to 0.5 to prevent it from showing up on mapgeneration. the base game makes a check for flammability < 0.5 for all materials it builds the ruins with (at Rimworld.BaseGen / BaseGenUtility / RandomCheapWallStuf ; BaseFlammability < 0.5f). the floors are generated after the wall material. so with the set 0.5 the foundation material should stay out of the pool of possible materials for ruins (for walls and terrain/floor). this can cause problems with mapgeneration mods that do not use this check on materials (meaning you still get foundation material walls and foundation terrain).

if used with other mods that use the similar terrain work around and add the affordance with the patch notes you might get an error informing you that this was added twice. this should not impact the gameplay as far as i know and can be mostly avoided if u load sd_bridges after other mods. (currently b18: "bridgello" by shinzy and "rainbeau's basic bridges" use the same workaround with terrain affordance as far as i know)

drawbridges use the same terrain replacement thing like the pontoons. for the change state they do a check on th terrain on both tiles (base and the bridge one). if they are not water/marsh you get an error and can not "activate" the bridges. converting the terrain back to any water tiles fixes that. it currently only check for vanilla tiles and the tiles added in bridges. (the prepareforfishing mod can basicly fix that for any other mod adding water terrain. if that does not work with the drawbridges. or you let me know and i can add compatibility)

with regards to minification the store+replace terrain can run into some exploits, because it leaves the old walkable terrain there and you can toggle the drawbridges as often as you want. so you can in theory make water walkable with 100% speed with them to no cost other then time (by minifiing and toggling them). not sure if/how this is fixable atm, so yeah. use how you like.

in general drawbridges (/impassable terrain) break the pawn/raid AI. take it or leave it ;)

since rimworld 1.0 all terrain works with the affordance "Bridgeable". set hitpoints to of foundation material to 250 and ponton parts to 350. drawbridge cover to 0.7 when down and 0.9 when up.

btw if you read till here without just scrolling down, here is a cookie :D  and thx for your time and patience with me rambling on^^.


Thx on Simulacrum0 for suggesting the method used in this mod to build on water here

Thx on mipen for the Mechanical Defense 2 Mod to be able to use the code for Placeworkers.

Thx on Rikiki for the Fish Industry Mod to be able to use the code for saving terrain tiles.

Thx on BlackGyver for suggestion the mapgen ruins workaround here.

Steamworkshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=788610933

Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/omt0dnf7tsmctm1/sd_bridges_v1.7z?dl=0

GitHub: https://github.com/sulusdacor/sd_bridges/releases

source code for modders: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hsuge4ih7x0pmv0/sd_bridges_v1_source.7z?dl=0

Version for previous Rimworld versions can be found in my dropbox folder with older mods: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zicyfuehl0aeta2/AADHVYYYU8yhJ2yUWttwnf1ma?dl=0

How to install:
- Unzip the contents and place them in your RimWorld/Mods folder.
- Activate the mod in the mod menu in the game.

personal changelog for mod "bridges"

- 02/11/2016

- changed the fundament to foundation in all labels and descriptions, defnames,palceworkers and other non player visible stuff stayed
- removed the tags in research, this means you have to research both projects every time
- corrected some capital F's in floors

- 03/11/2016

- made it possible to build structures over bridges, to make them some sort of flooring, by setting isedifice to false
- removed fillpercent line, coused error and seems to conflict with isedifice false

- 09/11/2016

- added buildable marsh water tile with icon
- updated about file to make compatibility wiht fishindustry clear

- 10/11/2016

- lowered costs, foundation 25 ->15, platform 50 ->25

- 21/12/2016

- updated for a16
- added foundationmaterial + recipes for that
- changed foundations + platforms to need foundationmetrial
- changed texture folder structure
- added hint to foundation material production in research + terraindef descriptions

- 06/01/2017

- changed xml WorkToMake to new tag WorkToBuild

- 07/01/2017

- added first test for pontoon bridge, added linkable texture, same linkflag as brdige,is linkable to it
- added pontoon bridge part as material
- added recipe for pontoon bridge part (1 and 10 at stonecutter and machining table)
- fixed an issue with the foundation material recipe,where the base recipe ingredient cost was added to all recipes (missed abstract true tag)
- removed some double xml lines, which were covered by the recipe abstract
- added trade tag exotic to the pontoon bridge parts to have an option to get rid of them

- 11/01/2017

- added never overlap floors xml tag to pontoon bridge to avoid a bug with floors under it
- updated the code for pontoon bridges
- updated the about file description

- 12/01/2017

- changed flammability of foundation material to 0.5, this should prevent it from spawning as the base game ruins

- 30/05/2017

- upodate to a17
- updated terrain files, water shallow/deep texture names, added teture depth shader to shallow+ deep water, added footprints to digupwater(mud)
- updated code for shallow and deep water versions ocean + moving

- 03/06/2017

- updated the linked texture in 320x , borders are just fillers, basiclly the old textures 64x with border 8x each side, borders are just fillers
- added bridge base abstract

- 28/12/2017

- update to b18
- changed researchprojectsdefs,terraindefs to <Defs>
- adjusted case sensitive xml tags
- adjusted ressoucebase abstract beauty to -4
- compiled source again, added and adjusted map in placeworker allow
- removed changeable in vanilla patch for vanilla terrains

- 30/12/2017

- added researchtab

- 01/01/2018

- updated about file, since the patchoperations rarely cause problems

- 06/01/2018

- added the changeable remove per patchoperation sequenze, the removal made buildign on deep water impossable XD

- 14/01/2018

- added modsyn file

- 25/01/2018

- added code for drawbridge and xmls
- added version in about file+synceed with mod sync and github to get same version number in all (b18-1.1.0)
- added drawbridge textures + Ui textures (removed minifiable intentional, since it causes some problems)
- added sort of placeworker check when changing drawbridge state to check for mater+marsh tiles on both base and bridge tile
- added keyed translation xml for drawbridge UI and for older placeworker so you can now translate the error messages too^^
- added never multiselect to drawbridges, since it couses some issues with the toggle (kinda harmless error, but red text)

- 14/02/2018

- changed terraforming to building that spawns ground, removed all the old terrain
- changed dragable dimensions of bridges to 2, so you can now build them floor like
- set modsync to savebreaking
- added modcheck
- added terraform symbol for building, that is shown when setting blueprints (shovel)

- 15/02/2018

- made old terrain patches "invisible"
- still all old terrainchecks to retain compatibility

- 22/02/2018

- added small fix for grandrivers

- 10/07/2018

- added small fix for buildable terrain b18

- 03/11/2018

- 1.0 rimworld update
- assembly update
- xml stuff updated
- set foundationmaterial hitpoints to 250
- set pontonbridge to 350
- set cover from drawbridge to 0.7 down and 0.9 up


Adv. Power:
- all are tech level spacer and need a higtech research bench and the multianalyzer
Since windturbine is a simple research project, i suggest to reduce the research for Adv. windturbine to Hightech research without Multi.

And whats about Adv. Solar modules, Adv. Batteries (75%/100% charge with 3/5k capacity) ?


hm didn't notice the wind turbine was simple bench only. thought it was high tech bench, thanks for pointing that out. but would have to think about that. that said, the adv power options were intended as some "endgame" option at the higher tech level. so the multi analyzer seemed like the logical step to make a prerequisite for all. not sure if i would change the wind turbine only, seemed in a good place in my playthroughs so far. but i'm just one so, not sure yet.

as for adv solar panels, i can just tell you what i just wrote in the other thread here:
Quoteshort version: probably yes in the future, but i can not tell you when.

longer version: the solar panel need to be coded, since the power output is fixed. the others can just be adjusted in the xml files. much easier and faster. so i would have to make a dll file for this. at the time i did the mod, i had no real clue where to start for that. currently i would have some idea where/how to get started and would probably get this to work.

the other point is i had no good idea how i wanted advanced solar panels to look like. usally have some sort of idea in my head how it should look and go off that. probably could come up with something with some time, but yeah. i kinda skiped that, since at the time i had no way of bringing them ingame anyway.

yes will probably get around to that at some point since i want to rework the textures for the adv geothermal powerplant anyway. when i do that i will do the solar panels too. can't say when, since currently i'm doing my other bed mod, adding single beds and multi graphic and will take some time. but after that is the earliest.

as for batteries, don't know. i would have to look what other mods exist, offering battery options, if i have some good idea's for textures. so can't promise that. if yes, then probably the same time i come around to update the mod and add the solar panels, would be batterys too.



research terraforming, then you have the option to "dig up water" in the terraforming menu. thats basicly the mud. its "dig up water"(mud) -> "shallow water" -> "deep water".


Hello there!
Is there a way to make water tiles made with "Bridges" usable with the pier of "Fish Industries" mod by Rikiki?
Right now I can't place those piers on the water tiles i terraform.

Thank you in advance!