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Author Topic: Mars and his Wolf Whoopie - A day-by-day tale on the Rim  (Read 699 times)


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Mars and his Wolf Whoopie - A day-by-day tale on the Rim
« on: October 09, 2016, 11:20:42 AM »

DAY 1 Today, Kiko 'Mars' Gomez landed after a 3 month long journey. He took his first step on the barren sand and sighed. The sky was blue, without a cloud, and golden, wispy sand stretched as far as he could see. There were
oppressive mountains of slate around him, some glittering with various unearthly materials. He looked around his feet and was delighted to see his Arctic Wolf 'Whoopie'. The beast was panting heavily from a mix of shock
and the unbearable heat of the desert they were in. "I know, boy..." Mars muttered sympathetically. Whoopie left his master's feet and toddled over to a pile of crates, most of which were badly damaged from the impact. "Ahah!"
Mars cried, stumbling in the deep sand as he rushed towards his companion. He picked up a jagged piece of slate from the sand and thrust it into the nearest crate. He pulled apart the loosely-jointed wooden slats and grabbed a
handful of what was inside. "YESSSSS!" he shouted, his face in a visible state of amazement. He let the small coins run through his fingers until they were all piled on the sand. Whoopie came closer and let Mars pat his back.
"Yes boy!" he cried, eagerly tossing aside the crate's remnants.

21:00 Hours:

Mars and his companion were shattered. They had found shelter in a delapitated ruin, held up only by ancient brickwork and vines. Mars reinforced the structure with steel beams, and made a simple door for the opening. He lay
on the dirty cobbled floor, the only noise was that of Whoopie's steady breathing. It wasn't the best of starts, but Mars looked up at the rickety roof with a sense of excitement...

Please leave your feedback below. This is just a taster, and I will continue if there is interest.
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