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Author Topic: Everything was going well...  (Read 1089 times)


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Everything was going well...
« on: October 12, 2016, 07:21:20 PM »

until the sleeping sickness hit. It was all downhill from there.

Softie, Lewis, Zebra, and Logan (a female, for some reason), landed on this unforgiving world and set to making a home of it. No hope of rescue, no hope of going home.
Logan set to planting, Zebra excavated, and Lewis and Softie began to build the walls into a natural hole in the mountain for their home. Soon, they were joined by Cordova, a useless feck non-hauler who joined Zebra in mining out the walls.
The first raid came and went without incident. Victor, who could haul, was easily talked into joining the colony (despite a 1% chance to recruit--go figure).
No sooner did Victor join the colony than a second raid came, leaving two soon-to-be-recruits laying on the floor of the killbox and Eminence, the woman they'd chased into my territory.
In the rainy days that followed, ten boomalope were killed and skinned. Lewis couldn't build enough rooms to keep up with the rapidly-expanding colony, and Zebra couldn't make enough pants.
What, does nobody in the pirate colony The Red Landwings wear pants?
Suddenly, tragedy struck. They didn't know it then, but it was the beginning of the end. No amount of save-scumming could prevent what happened next, and what followed it.
Malaria struck three of the now eight-man colony, including one of the prisoners and Law,a Johnny-come-lately wanderer who was going to be a crafter whether he liked it or not.
Aloe and healroot being abundant, Zelda and Min were sure they could contain the outbreak.
Min was then attacked by a boar, and lost an ear.
Then Logan got an infection from a raid injury that didn't heal well.
Then one of the colony's boars lost a foot.
Then the sleeping sickness hit. The prisoner who had malaria now had sleeping sickness, and so did Law and the designated broom-girl.
And then there was an infestation in the common room.
And then another boar went mad and tried to kill Logan again.
And then a heatwave nearly killed Min, who had an infection anyway.

I gave up. Somebody in that colony had some really bad karma, or I pissed off the AI somehow. There was just no winning, even with copious save-scumming. Farewell, Caro colony, you were the best til you weren't.
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