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Started by Dingo, September 30, 2016, 12:51:41 AM

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XML Documentation Database

This repository's goal is to make RimWorld modding easier. We strive to provide easy-to-read files to help everyone understand XML modding.

Feel free to use anything in the repository to help you make, update, modify or do anything relating to mods.

Folder structure

  • One master file per folder (ex. Recipes.xml) containing a very long XML def. Every line is commented to explain what it does.
  • One templates file per folder (Templates.txt) containing a few easy-to-copy defs without comments.
  • One examples file per folder (Examples.xml) containing several complete defs (taken from vanilla and/or mods).

Any contributions are welcome. These are some things we would love to see from other people:

  • New master XML files
  • Corrections to mistakes in existing files
  • New templates
  • New, useful examples (including from well-structured mods)
  • Suggestions & questions


  • kaptain_kavern for creating the original repo
  • milon for his extremely useful XML auto-documentation
  • Zhentar for his fork of ILSpy which has been very invaluable


I will contribute more as soon as I have much more free time, Thanks for your efforts


I think I got all of the easy defs so the project will probably slow down. Would appreciate help from some experienced modders in correcting what I already have in the fork.


Can we please have a sticky on this one, dear mods?


This is very helpful! Thanks.

Also this needs to be sticky. :)


Love this, such good work...

Please do FactionDef, PawnKinds and NameMakerDef soon...

+1 for a sticky...


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If you could do HediffDef, I would be MUCH obliged! :)




Hello, I'm just starting on my first mod and need documentation on the 'ThingDefs' files, which I've noticed is missing in your database. How soon do you think you'll add that to your database? I'm not necessarily looking for a set day, week, month, or even year (although it would be nice to know), but am rather looking for a generalized description (i.e. soon, not for a while, probably never, etc.). Thanks and keep up the good work.


I'm no longer actively maintaining the repo. If anyone wants to contribute we will accept pull requests.

ThingDefs in particular I will probably never do because of the sheer amount of defs. HeDiffs took long enough..


I hope you don't mind me asking a  couple questions here, i can't find the answer to it in the database as of now.
┬┐What does <MedicalTendQualityOffset> and <Bed_HealTickInterval> do? they used to have other names but were changed in A16.
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Thanks for this, it's been helpful!

A couple questions:

  • Is the range on commonality [0..2]? I thought it would be a probability of (0..1)
  • commonality seems to be different between single and spectrum records
    • In single records it's a fractional float
    • In spectrum records it seems like it's fixed to the value 1
  • Is that difference related to sub-commonality?
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Hmm and for the past month I've just been winging it... ;D maybe I should have looked at the help forum more closely.

I'll definitely update with whatever fun facts or knowledge I've gained and is not yet added.


This is a great idea, it really helped me to get more into mod development - thank you!