Traders mining through my base during visit, even though their path was clear

Started by II7II LOCKDOWN, October 05, 2016, 09:06:27 PM

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During a recent visit to my colony, I noticed one of the visitors mining through my cooler in my kitchen for no apparent reason. The little guy mined through my kitchen, and my embrasure wall even though there was an open door to the front of my base. anyone else run into this problem?


Are you using Hospitality? If so, you should post in its forum thread with your output_log and save so Orion can work on a solution.


Can you please confirm whether or not you are using any mods (and if so which ones). I will assume you are for now (and move this to mod bugs) because you said "embrasure wall" in your OP. And Embrasures are not part of the vanilla game (I'll move it back to bugs if you are running vanilla).

There might be a good, WAD reason why a visitor would mine through a wall/mountain section, usually because they are trapped. But I'm afraid it's impossible to know if there was a good reason in this case because of a lack of specific information. As ideally a save file, or at the very least a screenshot, is required to make any sort of attempt at giving a reason.