[A16 WIP] Star Wars: An Outer-Rim World Story

Started by demeggy, October 16, 2016, 06:05:55 AM

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Cant wait for the release! Its gonna be amazing, thanks so much for your hard work! :D


i think author abandon his mod


Quote from: demeggy on October 16, 2016, 06:05:55 AM
Hi folks,

Demeggy here. I thought it was time to announce the development of a small conversion mod I'm working on that brings the Star Wars Universe to Rimworld.

I've seen a few other mods that have had a crack at this, and whilst they're all stonkingly good, I feel like bringing some of my own to the table.

So, with that in mind... let me introduce you to....

Mod Status:

Framework (Def/Language): 95%
Art: 45%
Sound: 25%

Currently Implemented:

Natural Resources (inc. buildables):
Dunestone, Moonstone, Korribanite, Shinestone, Spice Ore, Compacted Durasteel, Compacted Permacrete, Kyber Crystal

Bactillia, Tuber, Rootleaf, Alderaanian Blossomflower, Force Blossom, Ithorian Rose, Marcan Herbs, Muja Fruit

DL-22 Blaster, DL-44 Heavy Blaster, E-11 Blaster Rifle, EE-3 Carbine Rifle, E-5 Sniper Rifle, Vibroblade, Lightsaber, Thermal Detonators

Force Sensitive

Stormtrooper Helmet, Stormtrooper Armour, Scout Trooper Helmet, Scout Trooper Armour, Rebel Soldier Helmet, Rebel Soldier Combat Vest, Rebel Scout Helmet, Rebel Scout Duster, Mandalorian Helmet, Mandalorian Armour, Ubese Raider Helmet, Ubese Raider Cloak, Corellian Blood-Stripe Pants, Smugglers Vest, Tusken Cloak, Tusken Mask

Fauna (inc. Droids):
Super-Battledroid, Battledroid, Astromech Droid, Protocol Droid, Falumpaset, Ewok, Ice Cat, Shaak, Hoover, Gnort, Peko-Peko, Reekcat, Endorian Chicken, Ghhhk, Vine Snake, Gundark, Nerf, Kaadu, Eopie, Reek, Tauntaun, Mynock, Sungwa, Ikopi, Tooka, Gurrek, Jerba, Ysalamari, Akk Dog, Anooba, Rancor, Kowakian Monkey Lizard, Bantha, Varactyl, Nexu, Worrt, Wampa, Momong, Womprat, Vjun Fox, Dewback, Snowmouse, Gorg, Boar-Wolf, Sleen, Nuna, Vornskr, Orray, Mooka, Rathtar

Holonet Terminal, Bacta Tank, 2-1B Medical Droid, Dejarik Board, Sabaac Table, Carbonite Freezer, Moisture Vaporator

Items (inc. Various Hides/Furs/Wools/Eggs):
Blue Milk, Jedi Holocron, Sith Holocron, Moisture Pack

Jawa Juice, Ryll Spice, Sansanna Spice, Glitterstim Spice, Bacta Patches, Medpac

Research Projects:
Spice Refining, Hyperdrive Construction, Carbonite Freezing, Moisture Farming

Factions (inc. Randomised NameBanks):
Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, Tusken Raiders, Hutt Cartel

Full list to be provided closer to release

Special thanks to Berengar for donating their Rimtrooper assets, which have gone towards saving me creating weapon and Imperial/Rebel armour assets!

Rimworld obviously fits the SW bill incredibly well. The Outer-Rim worlds of the SW Universe are unexplored, dangerous territory. Set during the era of the Galactic Civil War, the emphasis won't be on players to take up arms against the Empire. It won't be for players to play a major part in the lore of the SW Universe. It will simply be for you to build your story of a small colony, struggling to survive.

Most of Rimworld caters for what's needed already, which makes it a great platform for me to one-man develop this.
Initial plans are to bring some of the flora and fauna into the gameworld, with creatures as Wampas, Banthas and Ronto's already in.
I've also included a Force Sensitive Trait for colonists (a rare chance indeed), with some great buffs that will allow them to become the Protectors of your colony.
We've also got an Imperial Outpost faction, complete with Grand Moff, Officers and Stormtrooper battalions, not to mention Rebel Alliance and Tusken Raider factions that are being worked on right now.
We're also looking at custom minerals such as Kyber Crystals, Durasteel and Permacrete.
Additionally, weapons from the saga such as the DL44 and Imperial Blaster Rifle will be making an appearance, along with trainable Astromech and Protocol droid 'Pets'.

I'm focusing on the actual functionality over looks and sounds to begin with (best place to start in my humble opinion), but I intend on keeping the smooth, basic appeal of Rimworlds aesthetics for all graphics (no realistic crops here).

I'll try to keep this post updated, I'm terrible for communicating development - but if you're interested in what I'm doing, get posting below and let me know I've got some support behind me!

May the Force (of modding and self-motivation) be with you,



Hello, how do I download the mod for steam?