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Author Topic: [A17...not really] MasterDihtung's Minor Mods and Mod Addons  (Read 30094 times)


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Re: [A15] MasterDihtung's Minor Mods and Mod Addons
« Reply #45 on: June 18, 2017, 01:28:00 PM »

Just a quick update, before i disappear for months, again.
I uploaded some sculpture sprites that I have made long time ago. Enjoy!
good luck with your new life ^_^

Thank you! ^_^

The pottery mod is still A15 and it probably won't work properly on current version of the game.

hmmm, so okay, just a quick noobie question (since i have no idea how mods work XD )

how does the pottery mod(A15) would not work properly in A16?
i mean, it feels simple enough to me... it works "like" a sculpture right?
and it just adds an extra workbench and display table...

so basically my question would be...
what would go wrong with it? XD
buggy beauty stat?
buggy behavior etc etc. XD

i really wanna use this mod too XD

I'm looking at the sculptures more, but i can't understand how to install it..

My core folder has no textures folder inside it.. should I just make one?

Sorry for late reply. I put up a regular Mod version, since a lot of people had trouble with getting these installed. Should be way simpler now.

And Thanks again for making a proper mod version of this XD

i forgot about this mod(sculptures) after the first time i posted in this thread XD
so luckily(?) i didnt get confused by the first version...
(though even if i did try that one out i probably would've figured out the puzzle myself haha XD )

anyway downloaded this now...
+1 <3 for you :P
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Re: [A17...not really] MasterDihtung's Minor Mods and Mod Addons
« Reply #46 on: July 09, 2017, 04:22:36 AM »

In case anyone wants the pottery mod for A17:

It wasn't hard to update (capitalization be damned *shakes fist*)

But i took the liberty of reducing the <WorkToMake> of the urn and the pots to be less of that of a small sculpture, taking into account that MasterDihtung made them have less beauty than that.
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