[1.3-A15] Industrial Rollers 2.5.0 - Free your haulers!

Started by historic_os, October 21, 2016, 01:06:09 AM

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Quote@Canute, honestly, I agree with both sides, i don't think the Pullers are overpowered. but i do think they can be abused.
maybe the best solution is to use the mod settings and adding "hardcore mode" option to reduce the distance pullers pull from, make them only work in-door or only where floors exist.
A distance could be a solution too, then a puller got the same pulling range like a trade beacon.


Industrial Rollers 2.0 - The huge update!

What's new in 2.0?
This version contains new features, balance changes, new mechanics and QoL changes!

New 2.0 Features

Underground rollers - Yep, underground belts are finally here!

Description: Inspired by Factorio's implementation of underground belts, each underground belt can be placed up to a distance of 6 tiles between entrance and exit.
You can freely build in between the belts with no restrictions.
Useful for more complex builds, reducing the beauty penalty of belts and building beside structures that can't co-exist with rollers on same tile.
Cost: A set of input and output underground belt will consume 60W and cost 120 Steel, 10 Plasteel and 2 Components to build.

- Underground belt in a top secret chocolate factory (Plan tool for scale)

Description: Inspired by Factorio again, not the most useful tool in the kit, but can be helpful in specific scenarios (For example: splitting hay between multiple feeding spots. or food between multiple fridges).
Unlike Pushers, that will let you filter the items to take from the belt. Splitters will simply split the items half in half. cheaper than a Pusher, but can't filter.
Cost: Since Splitters are mostly mechanic, they only consume 10W (same as 2 belts) and cost 35 Steel (slightly more than 2 belts).

- And they can be stacked to infinity!
Growing zone pullers - Pull from growing zones.

Description: Pulls from the growing zone. only pulls the products of the field - ignores anything else (no cheesy exploits with this one like the Puller).
Much simpler and more specific than the normal Puller in the fact that it has no settings or target storage. its only condition is having the product of the field on the zone.
Cost: Has the same cost of a normal Puller (100 Steel, 3 Components) but consumes less energy - 2.5W per tile (min 60W).

- Pull from growing zones

New 2.0 Balance changes

Hardcore Mode
There were many requests both to nerf some things *ahem*Puller*ahem* and leave them as is. Iv'e decided on a solution that should hopefully fit all - Hardcore mode.
You can now activate Hardcore mode from the mod settings.

Puller balance
When in Hardcore mode, Pullers range is limited to a 20 tile radius.

The new Hardcore mode opens the window to better balance machines based on player's play-style.
Expect more balance changes added into Hardcore mode in the future focusing on making the mod less powerful for those interested.

- Milk out of range of Puller (sad face)

New 2.0 Mechanics
Some new mechanics were added in this version, the purpose of these is to open up more tools and allow to more automation possibilities.

Pushers can refuel
One day, we will go full Factorio.
Pullers can pull from storage buildings
You can basically pull from anywhere now.

New 2.0 QoL Changes
QoL changes are the best!

Copy / Paste added to storage settings
You can now Copy & Paste the storage configurations of Pushers and Pullers.

Uninstall expensive machines
You can now uninstall Pushers, Pullers and Grow zone pullers.
Note: "Reinstall" seems to be bugged. however, since "Uninstall" works and and you can still install after uninstalling. also, since this is a huge update, i decided to let it slide (for now).

New belt direction indicator
There's now a new direction indicator on all belts. both in select and build mode.

New approach for handing stuck items
From now on, whenever an item is stuck on belt, only the first item will unforbid instead of all the items on the stuck belt.
Most of the time, when a belt gets stuck its because the first item is an issue but the rest of the items on the belt can be completely fine. for example, having the first item about to be inserted to a stockpile that can't accept it.

instead of unforbiding all items, unforbiding the first problematic item forces your haulers to approach the source of the problem right away.

Disabled obvious animations in favor of performance
The item on belt animation(arrows color change) for all types of belts has been removed to increase performance.


Can we upgrade from previous version? I wanted to continue with my current save if possible. I didn't install any Rollers so far (new colony)


Quote from: damngrl on June 22, 2017, 08:22:38 AM
Can we upgrade from previous version? I wanted to continue with my current save if possible. I didn't install any Rollers so far (new colony)
Yep, you can upgrade. even if you have installed machinery and belts.




Korean translation by kms8610 added!
Portuguese translation by Lucas added!
Chinese(Traditional) translation by PostPack added!

The translation form has been updated with changes for version 2.0. feel free to it checkout and help!
if you are submitting for a language that is already partly translated(only missing 2.0 changes) feel free to ignore the old stuff and only translate the new changes.


Historic, this looks amazing. The addition of underground belts solves about 90% of the reasons I don't currently make more use of these, and if I could just add a request for increasingly expensive tiers of ranged belts, that'd damn well solve em all. Thanks much for your work on this!

A slight aside: I had a bug a few weeks back I didn't end up posting because I eventually figured it out myself, involving the interaction of simple bridges and your rollers. I assume from reading the last page or so this has to do with the method used to implement the bridges and it's similarity to the base conduit method. However, I know the basic bridges mod specifically lets you place conduits on the bridges. There might be something there to help solve the conflicts with other mods using this method.

(the bug was the rollers placing on the bridge/floor squares, but being non-fucntional/impassible to items on the belts.)


This'll be fun !

Just transmitted my attempt at a French translation.


@Hammerskyne, thanks for the feedback and bug report! i did just test bridges and indeed belts seems to not work on them.
i have a few busy days now but ill look into it once i get a few minutes.
Regarding faster belts - its something planned for a future update but still needs balancing (requirements and cost).

@blaktek, seen it, thanks! ill be adding it with next update in a few days


Quote from: historic_os on July 01, 2017, 11:15:50 AM
Regarding faster belts - its something planned for a future update but still needs balancing (requirements and cost).
About faster belt, you do a workaround or exploid. Just create stockpiles as belt system. You will need more power but your item get faster transpoted too. If you don't made these stockpiles to large, the power consume should be that hugh but still significant higher then with belt system. Speed on the cost of power.


This mod seems very interesting. Everyone find Factorio's belts fun, so it seems like such a natural fit to Rimworld.

Especially since it offers up a way to alleviate some of those late-game problems that come from hauling starting to scale very badly with many items and large distances.

I hope balance (in hardcore) can become real tight so that the mod doesn't end up feeling cheezy or trivializing stuff. There needs to be high enough costs that you have to think if rollers really are necessary to build or not if it is a small job. If making rollers is always best then it's probably not balanced. Does this require research? It definitely should. I will mess around with it and look :)



btw historic we added this to the hcsk pack. just so u know we added it. ill try to remind sky to add credit on op.

we had no reports of problems but for poor late game fps if to many belts.


historic_os - added a Polish translation a couple days ago. The least I can do in return for such an awesome mod :D


@sidfu, sounds good, thanks. as for late game lag - i keep working on improving performance but honestly, at the current stage, theres not much left i can do. it lags the same way everything lags late-game, man-hunter packs and raids have the same issue. hopefully as the game itself gets more optimized late game for all mods and even vanilla will look smoother.

@Kubin, thanks! i saw it :-) i'll be adding it in the next update, releasing a new version takes some time updating all the posts and uploading links so i try to have an update or at least few translations before updating. i have some other things to update tho so probably in the next few days is when ill be adding it.