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Started by orannj, November 04, 2016, 04:01:31 PM

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Hello friends.

A17 Updated-----
Currently working on - Tank unit.

Let me give you a run down of what I want to include out of this.


Wehrmacht Infantry: Regular infantry of the Heer. Equipped with lower tier weapons, these troops are used to en masse assault enemy positions. Equipment: Field jacket, Mauser 98k, MP40, Stielhandgrenate.(Done)
Wehrmacht Machinegunner: More veteran than their standard infantry counterparts, machinegunners are equipped with light and heavy machine guns. Equipment: MG32, Field Jacket.(Done)
Wehrmacht Captain: Officers command the standard troops around them. Commonly equipped with MP40's. The officers engaged in fighting would often be lower tier officers, i.e. First and Second lieutenants. Equipment: Luger 9mm, MP40, Officers Jacket.

Panzergrenadier Infantry: Veteran infantry of the Heer. Equipped with higher tier weapons, these troops are used to tactically assault enemy positions. Equipment: Field jacket, Panzergrenadier camouflage field poncho(Done), Gewehr43, MP40, FG42, Stielhandgrenate. (Done)
Panzergrenadier Machinegunner: Veteran infantry of the Heer. Equipped with higher tier weapons, these troops are used to tactically assault enemy positions. Equipment: Field jacket, Panzergrenadier camouflage field poncho, MG34(Done)/42

Pak38 Anti Tank: A towed artillery piece, designed to pierce enemy armored hulls. Can also be loaded with HE to provide explosive support against infantry. (Done)
2cm Flak Cannon: Towed artillery, designed to support infantry movements. High explosive shells, extremely effective at decimating enemy soft targets. (Done)

Developed faction, allowing for raids / assaults(Done).

Research tree to develop various weapon systems. (Done)

More to be added depending on feedback / interest. This mod is specifically designed to represent the German army - I will not be adding other forces of WWII to this mod.

I would like to add various non-combat items. Feel free to post suggestions. :)

Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=793443438

Direct DL: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7d9u6vllEYQTTZjZzczT3hCWG8


I've always wanted to fight Nazis on the Rim


Would be cool an URSS theme. I would love to destroy Stalin troops. :)


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Quote from: Daman453 on November 04, 2016, 10:09:22 PM
WW2 mod when?

when i feel like it. or someone else does :D wanna flesh out these guys a bit more, we'll see if vehicles pop into A16 and then i'll consider tanks.

otherwise, may move on to other nations, GB, Russia, maybe Italy.


If your after small drones to support a raid party perhaps check out "Talons v1.5" mod.

here is an example in this youtube clip > https://youtu.be/tT8f1cdVxV8?t=4m8s
Yes another god damn youtuber.


Updated with machinegunners & the MG34.

Also, what?

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Is there a non-steam download link?..

<=To Be Continued/\/

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Quote from: orannj on November 05, 2016, 01:22:04 PM
Yup, will update in main post.

Ah! thank you for the fast reply!
I love Germany :p
I suggest you to add more clothes if possible.
Great mod btw

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++ Panzergrenadier ponchos
++ Mg34



Do you mind if I use your textures for this mod compilation I'm creating? I'll give due credit to you as the creator of the textures, and the original mod for them, as for all modders. Thanks in advance!



can there be an ally chance or neutral because you should be fine if your not jewish


While I'm not the biggest fan of Dark's comment you're working on a mod based around a faction of the world's history that did horrible things to Jewish individuals.... I mean his statement isn't wrong, just bold.

Please refrain from reporting him in the future folks. It's not like we can just act like it never happened; just don't get into GIANT DISCUSSIONS on the page about morality, actions, etc. This is a mod adding content, keep it about the content being added or future content.
Ugh... I have SO MANY MESSES TO CLEAN UP. Oh also I slap people around who work on mods <3

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