Colonist stuck in "attacking" state

Started by bclewis, November 25, 2016, 06:48:38 PM

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Recently I've seen several cases where after a battle, and I've un-drafted all my colonists, one or more colonists remain stuck stationary in "attacking <some raider>" state, even after that raider has left the map.

I can "unstick" them by drafting them and undrafting them again.

I'm afraid I don't have a savefile I can upload at the moment, but if this is not a known bug I will do so if it occurs again.

I have some suspicions that this only started happening after I started setting the default behaviour of some colonists from "run away" to "attack".

Note that I'm running vanilla A15 except for Zhentar's pathing mod.


Looks like this bug is still around, re-checked in A15c. Undrafted, set to attack colonist spots a target through an open door, door closes, colonist keeps 'attacking' till (s)he collapses due to exhaustion.
Propably should be mantised.