Extremely Low FPS/Jumpy and Slow Camera Panning

Started by Cianyx, November 16, 2016, 07:08:13 PM

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I played the game for about a week for hours on end with absolutely no problems, and even after I added one mod (Prepare Carefully) it was fine. I went to play it one day and the entire game was slow to respond to clicking buttons even on the main menu and in colonist selection, and of course in-game is slow as ever. The game has really low FPS (I'm talking unplayable here because sometimes it basically freezes) whenever I move the camera, regardless of game speed, even when paused. I even tried starting a new colony just to see if it was the base I had that was slowing down the game, but as I said, it's slow to respond even before I'm actually playing. I've verified the game files, restarted my computer, nothing seems to be using very many resources in task manager, even the game itself doesn't use many resources when it's running. I'm currently running malware and antivirus scans to see if there are any issues there... definitely going to take a few hours though (scans found nothing). I LOVE this game, I just have a hard time playing it when I can barely move the camera around to see things. Hopefully somebody here has some advice that can help me fix my new favorite game >_< Thanks in advance.


Fist of all, I would suggest shutting down and starting up the computer again.
(Actually shut it down and leave it off for at least 2 minutes, not just restart it.)

I would suggest ensuring that your antivirus program is disabled while playing RimWorld, and make sure that the RimWorld installation folder is in the antivirus program "whitelist" as well.

Disable any and all "power saving" options for your system, and your graphics device.
Going into "power options" in the control panel in Windows will allow you to change the system options, and using the Catalyst or NVidia control panel (or other applicable alternatives) will allow you to change the settings for the graphics device.
Important: This will drain a laptop battery very quickly. Ensure that the system is plugged in to avoid battery drain, and to extend the lifetime of the battery pack.

If you are running RimWorld via Steam, disable the in-game Steam overlay for RimWorld. I found that the overlay causes performance issues in some cases.
You can do this by going to the Steam library, right-clicking RimWorld, selecting "Properties" and deselecting the option in the window that opens.

Finally, I would personally suggest installing RimWorld somewhere other than the default Windows "Program Files" folder.
If running the Steam version, this would require you to create another Steam library location, delete RimWorld via Steam (saved games should be safe where they are, but back up your saved games first just in case) and then reinstall RimWorld to the new Steam library location.


Try what nccvoyager suggested above first.  If it doesn't work, post a log file of your game (see my sig).  If you added a mod to an existing game (rather than enable your mod set for a NEW game), that can trigger all kinds of error messages in the log file, which can REALLY slow down performance.


I've tried all the suggestions and none helped >_<

Here's the output_log.txt from just earlier when I decided to try playing again...I started a New Colony, and tried to put my game in full screen to see if there was any difference, but I don't seem to be able to even change the game resolution at all. The game either becomes unresponsive or it takes so long for the change to be applied that the "accept changes timer" runs out and the change reverts before I get the chance to accept. (This wasn't the case before the FPS problem started happening. I could change my window resolution as I wanted with no issues.)

Something I've noticed is if I have my cursor over, say, a mountain where the description in the lower left doesn't need to change, my FPS smooths out a bit when I pan the camera, and any time my cursor is over regular ground where the description is constantly changing, the FPS tanks.

After reading this post (https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=27516.0) I figured I should say that I had some issues with my Graphics Driver around the time my game started acting up. Something about my AMD Radeon R7 M260 Display Driver was causing my Explorer.exe to constantly crash, long story short, I got the problem fixed, and did a Refresh of my laptop, and I was hoping the Refresh would solve my Rimworld problem, but it hasn't.

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I'm trying REALLY hard to contain my excitement...I went and used the "auto-detect" utility for AMD graphics software from their website and I installed what it suggested, and my problem is COMPLETELY gone. I had tried installing graphics drivers since the problem started but I guess what I was getting wasn't what I needed. I feel less than smart for not doing this sooner, but thanks for the help Milon and Nccvoyager <3


That's great!  (Especially since your log file is perfectly normal and I wouldn't have known what to do next!)