[A16 / A15] Taiga Creatures - upd(2017/jan/12)

Started by Thirite, December 01, 2016, 11:47:16 PM

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Taiga Creatures v1.2

I've been working on a mod for a while now which adds some more variety to the animals of RimWorld, most notably those found in the Boreal Forests, or 'Taiga' biome. While there's obviously some overlap with other biomes, that's the main focus of the mod. I'm trying to remain as vanilla friendly as possible- graphically, balance-wise, and in animal design. Release 1.2 has ten additional animals (new: all the 'large ones' capable of hauling cargo for caravans), all tested and seemingly stable.

Black bear
Exactly what you'd expect. Smaller, more common, and less dangerous bear.

A dog-sized mammal related to weasels. Very vicious and very wild.

Just your typical friendly horses. You can't ride them, unfortunately.

A type of rabbit with pointy antlers protruding from between its ears.

A bizarre omnivorous horse that can live in incredibly cold climates.

A cute little stoat with an almost pure white winter coat.

A very large and incredibly dangerous predator. Best to simply avoid.

A tiny critter that serves mostly to be eaten by hungry predators.

Wooly Rhino
A throwback to the cold-weather rhinoceros of the ice-age.

A gamebird unique in its feathered feet, so as to better withstand the cold.
Surprisingly friendly for a wild animal, and better suited for anyone looking for a steady supply of eggs in the far north.

[A16] v1.2 - Download Here
A Dog Said... compatibility patch

[A15] v1.0b - Download Here
v1.0b A Dog Said... compatibility patch

1.0: First stable release
1.0a: Nerfed marten damage
1.0b: Fixed Megabadgers not acting as predators
1.0c: Updated to A16
1.0d: Fixed erroneous Megabadger xml
1.0e: Fixed snow jackalope warnings and SoundDef errors
1.1: Added Ptarmigans and added A Dog Said... compatch for A16
1.2: Added functionality/graphics for blackbear, horse, wooly rhino, and megabadger to haul cargo for caravans

Licensed CC-BY-NC-SA
Because it apparently has to be said; do not attempt to upload this mod or its content to a commercial platform (ie: steam workshop).


The Fisher and Ermine are a little powerful for their size. They seem to be able to kill as if they were a tiger. Wolves and Foxes seem to die a lot when they are around.


Ah, good to know. I recently fixed them so they'd stop attacking people but I suppose I didn't notice how much damage they did with my armoured pawns. Fishers in reality are known to hunt foxes- but a wolf is a bit much. Ermines really shouldn't be able to kill more than a rabbit though.


This looks interesting. And I would like more animal variety in my boreal forests.

Would this play nice with other animal mods?

What about biome mods like Enhanced Forests or Kudzu: Increased Forest Density? Would I need to load this after such biome mods? Would it overwrite their animal density?

P.S.: Why have both a Woolyhorse and a Horse? Your Woolyhorse is unique and described as being able to live in "incredibly cold climates." That makes sense. But I have to wonder if a regular horse could live in a true tiaga. Yes, there are reindeer that far north. But they they are a different animal that can live on lichen.

Looking at articles on the wild horse, feral horse and tarpan, there are mentions of them being as far north as Nova Scotia, Alberta, and Central Russia. However, none of those places are truly in a tiaga (as confirmed by climate maps). It sounds like Central Russia refers to 'European Russia' which borders Europe. And Alberta is warmed by chinook winds from the Pacific coast.


>Would this play nice with other animal mods?
Yeah, it should have no conflict with any other mods as I cleanly added these animals to the spawnlists via their own race definitions rather than directly modifying the biome defs. It should be perfectly compatible with any mod that does not use explicitly the same defnames as those I use (eg: Blackbear, Chipmunk, etc.).

> But I have to wonder if a regular horse could live in a true taiga.
In the wild they wouldn't choose to, though they can live there domesticated. I included the common horse mostly as a "why not" since I was already adding the Woolyhorse, and the differences are minimal- both in graphics and script.


Think I've found a little oversight, namely that the megabadgers never seem to eat or hunt anything, their food bar just depletes and they move on from the map. Looking at their def file, they don't seem to be set as predators like other omnivore animals such as your black bear or martens for example.


Haha, oh wow. That's pretty embarrassing. Updated version in the OP.


Besides the Ptarmigans i provided you are there other animals you planning?

Moose or Mountain Goat maybe?


Mountain goat could be neat, though there's no way to define exclusivity to mountainous regions. So I don't know if that would make a lot of sense. Moose could be fun as a herd animal that could mess you up if unprepared. Ptarmigans will be the next to go in when I have the time (nice job on the graphics, by the way). I was planning a wolverine but with all the large predators currently I'll hold off till I have more variety.



There seems to be some error with the Megabadger.


Exception reading Races_Animal_Megabadger.xml as XML: System.Xml.XmlException: 'defaultCooldownTime' is expected  Line 16, position 51.


the only thing that I do not know the correct - time on the left or ticks on the right)
by additional errors found: there must be "Time".


Huh, weird! I used a search and replace function for changing defaaultCooldownTicks to defaultCooldownTime, so not sure why one would have been left unchanged. Will update in an hour or so when I get home.


Waiting for «A Dog Said...» patch :3 Thanks for your work.