Annoying behaviors

Started by Lerin, December 16, 2016, 10:03:36 AM

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1.) After raid, bloody accident, when 2/3 my colonist need instant doctor treating... My doctors prefer.. sleep.. eating.. PLAYING IN HORSESHOE.. Everything but not rescue bleeding colonist...
I am tired to click on my doctors to treating anyone, when this idiot pawn got a joy whim.

Please Tynan or modders, make treating the most important thing... But not for pawn who already lying in hospital bed, or something cause sometimes they join to infinite loop, when all want to help all..

2.) Items lying outside of allowed area should be accessible, when i click on it and give order to take it, haul it, or something else... Why i must redesigned allowed area, or set and reset allowed area for pawn..
Too many micro... Temporary rules "thought" there are smarter than I ?

3.) My cook, prefer eat raw meat or raw vegetables though he is able too cook something, why he choose worse thing... he is not masochist... Same other colonist, if are my butcher table are able to obtain some meat, WHY they choose eat corpse, why they can't wait 10 minutes, to prepare meal ?

4.) Playing as rich explorer on ICE SEA, temperature was very low so until i build shelter my toe get infection from frostbite..  So i want ask, my survivor will was to small to self tending my toe ? - Mod Robots++ make this gameplay really cool, when i can land on harsh map with one ER Robot


Doctors should treat each other first, so that they are in turn free to treat the rest.  It should be considered an emergency task, not like treating illnesses or operations or feeding.  I had a doctor try to feed someone who was bleeding out. 


in first post more annoyning behaviors :)