Linux/Mac/PC Testers Wanted!!!

Started by Semmy, April 04, 2014, 01:09:11 PM

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At the moment Tynan is looking for some more testers.

What you will be doing is testing new alpha versions before public release. You need to be able to fill out bug reports on mantis. This includes a clear description of what you thought should happen and what actually happened. It is also important that you when possible can explain how to reproduce a bug. And/or are willing to try and duplicate a bug and find the reproduction steps.

If you are interested send me a PM.

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i have sent you PM - i am interested testing out


I'd definitely like to help. PM has been sent. :D


Sure Im interested in helping you with the testing
if you can imagine it I can build it with pixels.
if I cant well then imagine something else.


You should explain to people that this is not a: OH COOL I CAN PLAY THE ALPHA RELEASE BEFORE ANYONE ELSE. But more of a: Ok let's take a look at this,oh this is wrong it shouldn't do that let's post it on the forum. Because some people doesn't get that (sry for bad english i'm italian)


It's very tempting to try sign up, and I know I would do a pretty decent job as a tester as I take that kinda work rather seriously. But that's also the problem for me, as I'm afraid I might take it so seriously that I'd end up killing the fun and interest I have in the game. As such I think I stick to giving feedback on stable versions for now. However, I'd be up for reconsidering if you guys ever have trouble finding dedicated enough testers (I will assume and take note of it if the quality of the releases starts dropping).

Though I was wondering if the mantis bug reporting is available for everyone? Or if Tynan prefer to keep that exclusive to the testers? If it's the former rather than the later a link would be nice. :3


I have been a bit of a tester in the background hidden, I work with jamieg, the mod pack creator, and I am a modder, programmer and digital artist myself, most of the bugs I have relayed to him to pass on to the creator, we are in a small team of friends, I am not the person to say to much when it comes to chit chat, so you will hardly see me myself say much, as jamieg is more social than me I have relayed all the information to him, sometimes posted as him to explain the problems, I have access to the tester forum, but only threw jamieg's account when i'm around his, just thought I would just pop my head in and say hi while im feeling sociable. I am working on some major mod for rimworld, but that's a secret projects of mine, and depending on how it goes, I will be might be adding a sneak peak into jamieg's Big Bang Modpack for Alpha 3. Well that's my introduction, back to my bubble i go for now!


Hm, for some reason my message doesn't show in my sent items. I'd like to be a tester, basically to be better able to spot bugs when I see them. It's pretty rare I'll notice bugs for what they are, I'd like to work on that. :) The buggier the better!


Quote from: bluntfeather on April 06, 2014, 06:37:48 PM
Hm, for some reason my message doesn't show in my sent items.
Did you check the "Save a copy in my outbox" box? ;)


At this moment we have enough new testers.
Thanks all for replying. Those who havent gotten a answer will get 1 soon. Real life job at the moment so when i am home i will take care of it.

Linux and mac testers wanted. Send me a pm if you are willing to help.
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke


Technically savvy Mac user here. Love this game and would love to help!