Silent Rim [WIP]

Started by PoshSpider, November 22, 2018, 06:19:46 PM

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Hey there! I'm making a Silent Hill mod for Rimworld. Creatively titled 'Silent Rim', the general goal is to make a hidden faction of Silent Hill creatures that will harass your colonists, as well as to introduce Silent Hill inspired events.

I've already got the graphics sorted out, and while I don't think that they're the best things ever, they're serviceable. Currently the creatures that will be featured in the mod are Red Pyramids, Robbies, Insane Cancers, Nurses, Lying Figures, Grey Children, Mannequins and Sniffer dogs.

The only real issue I have is that I'm bad at this whole coding thing >< If anyone who's decent at coding could lend a hand, I'd very much appreciate it!


Anxious to panic with the pyramid head entering the map haha


Needs a scenario where everyone is unstable and everytimes someone suffer a mental break, forces time to midnight, monsters appears and structures change into a rusty/damaged version.


Looks AWESOME can't wait to see you in Releases :D


This looks like it'll pair quite nicely with the Call of Cthulu modpack once finished.


Any update on release? This is awesome