Self Care

Started by Lerin, December 21, 2016, 12:18:49 PM

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Quick suggestion, maybe Tynan will consider that, or any modder ?
i really like play 100% lone survivor, but i dont like dying from stupid reason.

To Keep Logic:
-People can self care every part without back?.
-We can't surgery
-We can disinfection every body part, we can bandage and change bandage on every body part until our arms are not broken or cutted.
-We can stop bleeding until we are not in shock, by compressing, tying bleeding area.
-We are able to transfusion blood, our blood using medicine better than herbal.
-If our limbs will be cutted deep, and our muscles was damaged we can't restore fully functionaly when self-cared but we are still alive.
-We can't do it good, but we are able to dodge grim reaper's scythe.

How i can see it a gameplay ?

I was bitten by rabbit (minor), i can self care, stop bleeding disinfection wound, and slowly restore my health, but this left a pain scar on my body.

I was shoot in leg, with local anesthesia i can save my life but probably my leg never will be good again.

I was shoot in lung - what i can say, i am dead.
In a fight with clubman from first raid my hand was broken - if i ever heal, my manipulation will be extreme low..
If my internal organs, will be damaged, i propably die in pain.

One word about blood transfusion, in rimworld we can use only our blood, we can delayed our death and slowly wait for end bleed.

Maybe other idea guys ?

PS. Sorry for bad english, i just tried wrote my thoughts


Agreed. It is extremely counterintuitive that a medically trained colonist cannot bandage themselves and perform minor surgeries. I'd really like to see this fixed.


Not many people interested :/


Actually, I'd guess many people are interested. It's been asked before. I hope that eventually some self-doctoring gets added in. It's really sad to die from blood loss or infection because my single colonist couldn't put a bandage on his arm.


I was just thinking about this the other day. My doctor can't give herself medicine for the flu? What?



+1 very much needed in the game



Yeah, pawns should be able to do basic healing on themselves, nothing fancy like self implanting a joywire but at least being able to tend to their own wounds would be incredibly useful.


Or maybe little Tribute for old good Dragon Ball, a healing tank...

Able to complete heal all diseases wounds and scars, able to stop bleeding, suspend diseases...
With really long time to full recovery, but giving posibility enter to any time..


 This one makes a lot of sense. +1 from me as well.



Also, it's technically possible to self-administer first aid for a sucking chest wound (lungshot). I've been through that training. People can also self-treat shock, if they recognize it setting in.

Also, older than DBZ:

I imagine the idea is also older than star wars... but we'd have to be careful of disney lawsuits...


Ive been thinking about this for the last 600 hours of gameplay.


Single use. Requires 10 cloth and 2 of that medicine. Can be carried like a drug. 3 types. Herbal. Regular. Glitter.


I'm all for this as long as it's properly balanced. Self administered dressings should still be based on the Doctor skill so untrained people will poorly bandage themselves, and it should take twice as long to administer your own medical care. Since you cannot be anaesthetized, pain would be an issue, and all the usual problems relating to pain should still he a risk factor, meaning you might pass out from the pain if youre too heavily injured and already in considerable pain before trying to pull the bullet out of your arm.