[1.2] Call For Intel - Quests on Demand

Started by TheOnly8Z, September 29, 2020, 02:48:42 AM

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Desperate for a quest item? Itching for a bandit camp to fight? With this mod, you can call other factions to get quests at will!

After installing the mod, the comms console will have a new option - Request Intelligence. When calling an ally, you can use this option to choose between various types of quests/incidents.

There are currently these choices:

  • Hostile activity (10 goodwill)
  • Trading deals (15 goodwill)
  • Locations of interest (15 goodwill)
  • Refugees and slaves (25 goodwill)
  • Legendary creatures (10 goodwill) (Only available at Viking factions in VFE-V)
  • Bounties (10 goodwill) (Only available at Settler factions in VFE-S)
You will immediately receive a quest after choosing, but there will be a cooldown (shared with trade caravans).

This mod is safe to add and remove mid-save and should be compatible with everything (including Raids For Me).

This mod doesn't require Royalty, and doesn't interfere with it. (I don't have Royalty and cannot test for it yet)

The following mods have integrated support:

Vanilla Factions Expanded - Vikings

  • Legendary graves and ancient dangers can be given as Locations of interest intel
  • You can ask for a legendary raid at any viking faction
Vanilla Factions Expanded - Settlers

  • Caravan raid can be given as Hostile activity intel
  • You can ask for a bounty at any settler faction
Vanilla Factions Expanded - Medieval

  • Castle ruins and Tournament can be given as Locations of interest intel
Go Explore

  • Lost Cities, ambrosia animals and (rarely) Ship core startup can be given as Locations of interest intel
Planned Features

  • Configurable goodwill cost
  • Delay between requesting and getting quest
Steam Workshop

You can include this in modpacks without asking. Forks are welcome as well, though please contact me first.

This is my first mod, and feedback and suggestions are very welcome! I don't read the forums as often, so posting on the Github or Workshop page should get a faster response.