Harvesting/milking Boomgalopes

Started by Headshotkill, December 31, 2016, 02:59:22 AM

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I'd like to see a better use for these hotheads, my first thought was to tame and milk their explosive fluids to use in bomb and shell crafting.
Maybe ad a small chance for the colonist to combust when doing the milking?


Chemicals and Neutroamine lets you drain Neutroglycerin from Boomalopes/-rats, which can be refined into Neutroamine. There's no chance of setting pawns afire, but population control proves to be difficulty.
I like this mod a lot, but my desire goes a bit more into the direction of "volatile chemicals" of Boomalopes/-rats. You might want to check it out anyway.
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Snowmen army, Chemfuel Generator, Electric Stonecutting, Smelting Tweak


At least that'll make boomalopes worth taming


Seconding Chemicals and Neutroamine Crafting. Absolutely excellent mod; ought to be part of vanilla. I made a mod just for my own use that replaces various recipes bizarre ingredients (eg: Kevlar helmet) to use Neutroglycerine instead.


Personnally, I always tame some boomrats and learn them release.
i just keep some couples for the reproduction, which is very fast, they are rats.

When some of them explode in a middle of a pack of tribemen, they put them on fire and after it's pigeon shooting.
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Harvesting chemfuel will already be worth it to have a pack of boomalopes. Now, chemfuel is of little use but later on it'll supposed be have more use.


Chemfuel would be great for a kind of chemfuel generator. Milking Boomalopes and Boomrats for chemfuel and using that to power your base would be great and would give them some purpose outside of suicide bombers.