[B18] Extended Woodworking [ModSync]

Started by TeflonJim, December 09, 2017, 05:22:53 AM

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Extended Woodworking


This mod extends trees so that they drop different types of wood based on the tree they are. This mod also allows you to paint wood into 6 different colours (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Black) which you can use to build various things.

A woodworking table has been added to allow you to convert the different wood types into normal wood so you can still build the various buildings that require normal wood to be built. You can also paint wood at that table.

Mod Team

    TeflonJim - Updates from A13 to current
    ItchyFlea - Code (A13)
    Silvermane - Fence & FenceGate Textures





  • Redesigned to use XML patching
  • Integrated VGP add-on as a patch using ModCheck
  • Added support for a number of other mods
  • Added ModSync.Ninja support


So you could have say, a teak bed, and a poplar dresser? Are all the different wood types the same stat wise for items made from them?


Yes, you can make things out of the different wood types.

No, they have different strengths. I didn't have much of a basis for that other than a few of the woodworking / lumber web sites, and then it's just a relative adjustment to those from the original mod (or at least when I picked it up).

If you're particularly interested you'll find the values in the json file here:


This thread only really exists so I could make it work with ModSync :)


Does the last version for B19 going to have a VG patch?
I am getting an error:

XML error: Duplicate XML node name costStuffCount in this XML block: <ThingDef ParentName="VG_BuildingBase"><defName>FermentingBarrel</defName><label>fermenting barrel</label><description>a fermenting barrel for making different types of alcohols.</description><graphicData><texPath>Things/Building/FermentingBarrel ......

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Why is the maple the weakest? Maple is a hard wood, so should be relatively strong better than most. Poplar, pine, and Cyprus are soft, and should have lower HP. Not sure about the other woods. Here is a nice chart http://workshopcompanion.com/KnowHow/Design/Nature_of_Wood/3_Wood_Strength/3_Wood_Strength.htm