[A16] RimGate 1.0 - StarGate Expansion Packs (7-1-2017)

Started by Helixien, January 06, 2017, 05:27:41 PM

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Stand among the millions of dead souls and ask them if they honor means something. Silence will be your answer.



so for those who are playing this on a17, care to share what "you did" to update it to a17???


since the helixion mentioned on steamworkshop page that there will be no a17 version of this mod, can anyone out there who is playing this mod on an a17 version or anyone with rimworld modding knowledge help us plebs who want to play this help us what "changes" we need to do on the files in order to make it "a17 compatible"????

lol any help will be greatly appreciated...

john pretzel

rimworld with no jaffa to slaughter. Sad...

Come on modders, do something about it.. make Rimworld great again (lol)


Do you ever tryed to slaughter Orassans instead ?
You can butcher them for nice fur ! :-)