[B18] (WIP) RimStory v0.30 - Almost stable!

Started by Khaligufzel, March 25, 2018, 09:10:24 AM

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Hello guys,

Since starting my first colony in Rimworld I thought this game is about the Story.
I remember well my first dead colonists, first marriage in colony... I remember how one guy, who barely know anything about medicine rescued all his pals.

I really, really miss those times.

That's why Im making RimStory.

RimStory is logging all important events in colony life- deads, marriages, great battles and failures. Colonists also remember those events- they will start marriage anniversary party, memorial day of fallen comrads etc.

- added mass funerals,
- some classes rewriten,
- pawns remember lost relatives and will get appropriate mood debuffs.

- again, many bugfixes,
- added more pawn thoughts.

- added proper, better funerals (still, not perfect),
- more thoughts (negative and positive),
- added logging more events,
- many, MANY bugfixes- almost stable!

27.03.2018 What it does:
- Every marriage have now Anniversary Event,
- after first colonist dead, your pawns will throw Memorial Day event once in each game year,

To do:
- better customize each event,
- more events,
- StoryLogger TM

Current gathering events:
- Marriage anniversaries,
- Memorial Day,
- Funerals,

Other events:
- Pawns remember relatives deads (They get thought debuffs),
also, I need someonone, who could translate my mod from english-like to english ;)

Any suggestions? :)

Discord suggestion list:

Raids where they got wounded, deaths of friends/loved ones, inspirations
animals bonding/bonded animals dying

Succesful defenses, raid and destroy┼čng enemy camps.
For example, if you are attacking Leap Town,  it will be "The Battle of Leap Town"

(Alfons) Meat Man
What would be cool too would be that sometimes a pawn will bring up an event of theirs as a conversation matter. Maybe they talked about the time they beat a centipede or got hurt by a megaspider.

@Khaligufzelumper For bloodlusting pawns, kills or seeing someone killed

Neon (Trash)
@Khaligufzelumper surviving deadly diseases maybe? IN PROGRESS ON HOLD



Hmmm... yeah, good idea. I guess it wouldn't be to hard to implement :)


Pawns now are making funeral day after dead of colonist.


This is a great idea! I look forward to seeing this grow in the future!
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First relase.


Thanks! I was worried only I was looking for something like this :)


This looks really interesting. I cannot wait to see what all else gets added to it!
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Quote from: IWannaChaos on March 28, 2018, 09:47:00 PM
Could you have the song 'Taps' play during the funeral?

Well, yeah I guess why not ;)

But first I need to make proper funeral. For now pawn are just partying like "Franco is dead. Let's party!"