Problem with TechTree Size

Started by Taurec, January 07, 2017, 10:51:50 AM

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I have attached a Screenshot to show my Problem. The Chaos is not pretty, but no problem for me. But some Techs are outside the Window, so i cannot research them.
Is there a way to make the Tree bigger? I have searched a file to make this on my own, but have nothing found.

Why i must all Posts and Edits new? This is disturbing, and for a non-native english speaker are some questions a little bad. ;)

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This is a known issue when mods add a lot of new research projects to the tech tree. If you are interested, then here is a thread on the issue with a lot more information.

Also moving this thread to mod bugs (from support).



Thank you very much to both for helping. In principle i love the new techtree, but i would research all techs. *g*
I'm sure, this (little) issue with the tree will be solved soon.