[A16/A17] (First Mod) Power Conduit Deconstruction Mod

Started by TheWireLord, January 09, 2017, 02:15:47 AM

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hi, i was wondering if you could give resources back when we deconstruct power conduits? i tried to make the modifications myself but cant find where deconstruct resource definitions reside 


By default a deconstruction yields 75% of a building's resources. A conduit is 1 piece of steel, so there's a 75% chance of return upon deconstruction.


thanks for posting here, how have I missed this mod ..

I did not see it updatet.

@brbfapping  ... first I very much approve of your nick.
Second. I think the amount of ressourced returned on deconstruct is in the def of the building itself rather than in the deconstruct funtion .. but since I am not a modder myself, I could be wrong.

Ninjad by Dan ..

still I have the feeling the drop chance of steel is seriously lowered in A17 ,..
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Yea no problem! I will update the description in order to make it a bit more clear as well! Thanks for the support and I hope you enjoy the mod!  :D


Wow, I asked about a mod like this a long time ago, but somehow I missed that it existed! I can't wait to try this out. Thank you!
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Quote from: MisterVertigo on July 09, 2017, 06:48:00 PM
Wow, I asked about a mod like this a long time ago, but somehow I missed that it existed! I can't wait to try this out. Thank you!

I'm glad you found the mod! It is my first mod and it was something I really wanted to make happen in Rimworld. I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to spread the word about it as well!


Using game version 17.1557..

Not having any luck with this one at all... no conflicts are shown, no errors are thrown... icons appear in menu, mouse icon is there, but nothing is acknowledged as wanting to be removed, and no "you cant' do that" beep occurs.....

I think it is conflicting with the Allow Tool by Unlimited Hugs which has a 'select similar' function that can do essentially the same thing except show you the 'Power'  overlay at the same time you want to deconstruct.... 100% just a guess with the conflict though, as I am no modder.

Thanks for your work, though, I really do appreciate the modding community around this great game/experience.



I hate to hear that you are experiencing troubles with the mod! I also use the Allow Tool and have not had any issues as of yet. Is it possible to get a list of the mods you currently use? Feel free to message me with details and I will try to help solve the issue!

You can also find me (along with hundreds of other modders who may be able to help) at the Rimworld Discord link http://discord.gg/ak5ab5m if that is an easier way of communicating.

Hopefully we can fix the issue that you seem to be experiencing!