(mod request/idea) Tunnels, bunkers and other stuff.

Started by Seeker89, January 10, 2017, 02:20:00 PM

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Hey all.
I have been thinking a lot about this game and mods and whatnot. So here are my ideas....

1) Tunnels. You put down the point of entrance then the exit point, as the pawn goes in it gets moved to the other point based on distance and max movement of the pawn. Like teleportation with a short delay between points. We could have different types of tunnels where the raid ai can't find them.
2) Teleportation.... of course that would be my second idea... would it be hard to have pawns be moved like this?
3) Hideouts, you in those movies where they find the people in a hole in the ground under a rug. Why can't we have that? it could act like a cryptosleep casket, without the cryptosleep part and could hold more people, and the people inside could get themselves out when it's safe.   
4) Bunkers, an upgrade from the idea above. It would be a hatch in the ground that be damaged or moved. It could fit more people for long amounts of time. Food could still run out but it would give enough time to wait out the attack or launch a trap killing all that's in your base. Bunkers could be up-gradable, allowing more people, some joy and bigger bunkers. Bunkers could be up-gradable to vault-tech... without the experiments. 
5) Bomb Vests. You want to give use to those useless pawns: that would be the Bomb Vests. You run him out into the large raiding party, he goes down, boom, taking a few with him. we could have a few different options like one that makes him into a mine.
6) Toxic gas trap. I have a few ideas with this. have a mine format, it fills the room with the toxic gas the longer they are in the room the more it kills them. A vent version, that can turn on and off fills the room and spreads to places without a door, until it's turned off. And a much bigger, we can put pipes underground and build openings, to stick out of the ground. the opens releases the toxic gas in a area, the valve and tanks are in the main base.
7) The idea above can be expanded to have fire\berserking drug pushed though the pipes.
8) Music. A radio or flute something, it provides joy for those around and those playing.
9) Cold Celler. A cold place underground that can store a large amount of food without much power.
10) Basset Hounds... there isn't may games with basset hounds


I'll put this here because why not...

11) Heal the down. I want a heal the guy that is down, or at least be able to stop him from bleeding to death on the ground.
John: Hey Will, I see you are laying on the ground bleeding to death. I'm not going to try to stop the bleeding from that gunshot... instead I'm going to carry you to the closest bed on the other side of our colony before I try because I love the look of blood trailing through the base.