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Started by XeoNovaDan, January 13, 2017, 10:48:53 AM

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    I see you've stumbled upon my mod thread - in that case, welcome!

    As a person who strongly values a more diverse (yet not excessive) but consistent-with-vanilla experience, I strive to make my mods as vanilla-friendly as possible. This means that art direction's generally close to vanilla, and I generally try to balance my mods with care.

    All of my mods also support Fluffy's Mod Manager which makes it easier than ever to keep up-to-date even if you're a non-Steam user, or just dislike Steam's auto-updating.

    If you've stumbled across this thread but prefer using Steam, then check out my various steam collections:

    All of my mods below are mods that I'm currently officially maintaining; other mods of mine that aren't here are mods that I no longer officially maintain. Legacy versions of some of my mods can be found on their respective GitHub pages, but not all mods will have said legacy versions.

    To view more information about each mod, either click on its name in the table below or visit its respective Steam page.

    Mod Name                                        Last Updated          Download               Brief Description
    Adjustable Predator Count2018-10-17GitHub / SteamGlobally adjust wild predator spawn rates to your heart's content. Fully compatible.
    Adrenaline!2019-09-06GitHub / SteamMakes combat more immersive. Adrenaline and adrenaline junkies!
    Carpenter Tables2019-07-18GitHub / SteamMake furniture at carpenter tables for easier bulk production and control over quality.
    Forbiddable Debris2018-10-17GitHub / SteamAllows stone chunks and steel slag chunks to be forbidden by the player.
    Genetically Engineered Plants2018-10-17GitHub / SteamAdds four lore-friendly plants, all focused around the theme of genetic engineering.
    Memorable Auroras2019-06-20GitHub / SteamColonists (and raiders) will get a lasting moodlet from observing auroras.
    Profitable Weapons2019-07-05GitHub / SteamMakes weapon-based economies viable while not breaking the balance of the game.
    Proper Shotguns2018-10-20GitHub / SteamPump and chain shotguns fire sprays of pellets rather than slugs.
    Ranged Stagger Rebalanced2018-10-17GitHub / SteamMakes ranged stagger duration dynamic, and refactors stopping power.
    Simple Plastic2018-10-17GitHub / SteamAdds plastic and a balanced form of synthread production.
    Stuffed Flaks2018-10-17GitHub / SteamAllows flak vests and flak pants to be made from any metal.
    Survival Tools2019-07-06GitHub / SteamWork speed for certain tasks is now governed by the use of tools.
    Targeting Modes2018-11-27GitHub / SteamHave colonists and animals prioritize targeting certain body part groups: "Aim for the legs!"
    TE Turret Expansion2018-10-17GitHub / SteamAdds three turrets which use Turret Extensions' extended framework, and more.
    Turret Extensions2018-11-27GitHub / SteamExtends the turret framework and turrets give more information when inspected.
    Use That Sniper's Scope!2018-10-17GitHub / SteamSniper rifles will give equipping colonists a moderate accuracy bonus.
    Visible Pants2019-10-06GitHub / SteamAllows you to see peoples' pants in their full glory!
    Watermill Tweaks2018-12-05GitHub / SteamRebalances watermill generators and adds a new incident that affects them.

    Deprecated Mod Repository
    Alpha 17
    Beta 18

    The above mods are mods that I'll no longer be maintaining, but they are free for the picking for unofficial maintenance - no permission required.


    All of my mods have unofficially been updated to A17; you can now download A17 version of all of my supported mods from Dropbox! Pages and Steam Workshop versions won't be updated until A17 officially releases though.


    Didn't A17 overhaul shooting accuracy? How does it compare to Shooting Skill Rebalanced now?


    Traits have much less weight on lower level shooters in A17 than SSR - but SSR still has less weight than A16 did. SSR also re-defines careful shooter and trigger-happy to be +50 and -50 again, as it was built around those figures. Extremely low level shooters are less accurate with SSR than A17 - level 0 for instance being 86% per tile (same as A16) instead of 89% in A17.

    It also makes mechanoids 98% accurate again, as they're now 97% instead in A17 - I don't know about you or others, but I preferred mechanoids (scythers for non-FMR weapons) at 98%. My main issue was that higher level shooters couldn't compete against them unless they were bionic or careful, in A16 and below.

    I won't actually update the forum posts of any of my A16-made mods until A17 officially hits.


    Hmm, any chance you can try to rejigger your mod so it uses the new careful shoots and trigger happy values? Making those traits less major is a good thing in my eyes.


    I may, I may not - I'll strawpoll it when A17 officially hits. With the way that I've set up the pre-curve values (which affect how traits and augmentations have an effect on the overall accuracy), I think their overall impact is OK as they stand. This is how current Shooting Skill Rebalanced values look using A17's new Shooting Skill Debug Tool - don't forget that skill also affects aiming time significantly when below level 6 and slightly when above level 8 with SSR, so values within those areas won't be 100% indicative of actual performance:

    However, I can't throw in vanilla A17 values for comparison because an exception will be thrown:

    EDIT 1: Some clarification
    EDIT 2: Disclaimer


    Given there seems to be a lot of complaints with accuracy on A17 (where people would rather hunt with uzis than sniper rifles) I think I'll go with your solution..


    There seems to be an error with Visible Pants, relating to the patch file...

    XML RimWorld.ApparelProperties defines the same field twice: worngraphicPath.

    Field contents: Pants/Pants.

    Whole XML:

    Verse.DirectXmlToObject:ObjectFromXml(XmlNode, Boolean)
    System.Reflection.MonoMethod:InternalInvoke(Object, Object[], Exception&)
    System.Reflection.MonoMethod:Invoke(Object, BindingFlags, Binder, Object[], CultureInfo)
    System.Reflection.MethodBase:Invoke(Object, Object[])
    Verse.DirectXmlToObject:ObjectFromXml(XmlNode, Boolean)
    System.Reflection.MonoMethod:InternalInvoke(Object, Object[], Exception&)
    System.Reflection.MonoMethod:Invoke(Object, BindingFlags, Binder, Object[], CultureInfo)
    System.Reflection.MethodBase:Invoke(Object, Object[])

    Luckily I still had the version from the 17th so I reverted to that.


    Fixed. The ZIP file still had the Defs directory even though the mod now only has patches; it appears to overwrite only necessary aspects when dragging the file in as opposed to replacing the entire thing. I reckon the same sort of issue has happened to a few mods.

    Thanks for informing.


    All A17 versions of my mods are now available on the Steam Workshop! Some posts will be re-worded for A17, but I've pushed out the Steam Workshop versions now.


    News: All of my mods that use XML patches now use the more performance-friendly structure recommended by NoImageAvailable, see here.

    Other news: Quality Cooldown and Plant Cutting is for Growers both now completely use XML patching to do as they do, improving compatibility with other mods - but considering they touch on rarely-considered concepts anyway, this may or may not make a big difference. But hey, it's futureproofing.


    Added a new mod: CornPlus. As it's such a small mod (I should've technically done this for mods such as visible pants and PCIFG too) - it lacks a dedicated forum post. Exclusive to A17.

    Updated my Accuracy Calculator to v1.2.17_r2: Values are up to date, added the new items of cover, support for Shooting Skill Rebalanced v2.0.2, and Vanilla Friendly Weapon Expansion v1.2.1.

    Compendium also updated to include CornPlus.


    Just wanted to say I love your mods. I dug up my forum account details almost specifically to say so. You get balance. I haven't played Rimworld for several versions and when I came back to setup a modlist I reflexively went for EPOE and A Dog Said, until I saw your alternatives to what those mods have... grown into, and thought them more in keeping with the spirit of the original game.

    If I could make a small suggestion? For you to make your animal implants craftable? Your EPOE patch still has the implants as craftable, so you don't disagree with that option in practice, I was wondering why you omitted to make animal implants craftable... and whether you could be persuaded to change your mind?

    Also I know you said you wouldn't make animal compatibility patches except for CE (which I am immensely grateful for, I stopped playing Rimworld when CE's precursor became defunct, I see it as an essential addition to the game), but would you happen to have a guide that covers what needs to be done for your animal mod to support new animals? I'd love to see it compatible with Megafauna.


    I'm very appreciative of the feedback; thank you!

    As far as questions with the animal prosthetics mod go, I probably could make an addition that adds crafting recipes for the animal parts, but I'd consider myself done with mod making for A17, so this most likely won't be worked on until A18 comes out.

    I'll write up a quick guide for compatibility patches though, thanks for the suggestion. :)


    Woo, necro!

    Alpha 18 versions of the following mods have already been made, but aren't being pushed until A18 hits the stable release state:

    • Armor Stuff Expanded
    • Improved Anesthetic
    • Plant Cutting is for Growers
    • Quality Cooldown
    • Shooting Skill Enhanced (formerly Shooting Skill Rebalanced)
    • Temperature Tolerant
    • Vanilla-Friendly Animal Surgery (formerly Vanilla-Friendly Animal Prosthetics)

    Also, I'll release a few new mods that are exclusive to Alpha 18, and the TL;DR for what they do:

    • Fewer Inferno Cannons - reduces mechanoid inferno cannon spam
    • Skill Overhead - no more tiny injuries making high level workers constantly fail
    • Xeo's Genetically Engineered Plants - adds a bunch of interesting plants

    Expect to see all of these get pushed out within the first week of Alpha 18 officially releasing. Enjoy!

    However, the following is a set of mods which probably won't be updated, and why:

    Unlikely to update these mods for A18:

    • EPOE: Rebalanced - actually depends if Ykara updates EPOE for A18 or not.
    • Hand 'n' Footwear Mod - the items caused stockpile bloat, especially late-game.
    • Vanilla-Friendly Weapon Expansion - blurs the lines of well-distinguished niches in the base game.
    • Visible Pants - while the cosmetic was there, it wasn't consistent; the pawn renderer would probably need to be modified for this to work properly.
    • Simple Plastic - economy balance is going to be tough with A18's changes.

    Definitely won't update these mods for A18:

    • Animal Armour - hacky execution.
    • CornPlus - while it'll still work with A18, I won't officially maintain it. Imbalances corn.
    • XeoNovaDan's Surgery Tweaks - dead. simple as.

    News with VFAS: I won't officially be making a patch to make it more EPOE-like. The main reason being essentially because of the infamous wooden foot drop with EPOE being a much bigger thing with VFAS, if it added really low-tier prostheses. Also, crafting ingredient balance.

    However, if somebody was to make a patch for VFAS, I will link it in VFAS's description.