Steam or GoG or anything but paypal?

Started by ccrunner17, April 11, 2014, 12:32:24 PM

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Hi all,

I was wondering if their is a time estimate for when the game will be available from a source other than paypal? I know paypal works fine but I have had issues with it in the past and really do not want to use it. I would LOVE to give the dev my money though :)
just have a personal vendetta with paypal


Same, I just had to kinda get over it to get the game. Even then my trust was betrayed when paypal took my money and wouldn't give me anything for about two weeks :/
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This has been discussed already here. Personally I use all 3 listed here, w/ no problems. (over 5yrs) ???


Yes I know that thread contains a similar discussion. I actually posted on it. But there is no solution or alternative given in that thread if I do not want to use paypal. My problem is not getting paypal to work (which was the main point of the thread you linked). I do not want to use paypal and was wondering if there was any information about when the game would be available through other means for example Steam or GoG.


At the moment there isnt a alternative way of payment.

Tynan did get the game greenlight on steam so there is a future for rimworld on steam. When??
As much a question for me as for you.
I did see steam integration on his todo list....
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