[B18][WIP] ocean biome stuff

Started by sulusdacor, January 17, 2017, 12:19:14 PM

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Latest Version: https://github.com/sulusdacor/sd_ocean/releases


current problems with a17 like in a16:
- no traders via land
- no coast, sadly since the rivers need this too this means no rivers

Quoteedit: current latest version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pspvr1mtwhifk7k/sd_ocean_a16_wip_temperatedone.7z?dl=0

Quoteedit2: notes for the temperate ocean biome here

just wanted to show my current progress on the ocean mod. since it kinda went a bit over board with direction and i spend way more time on it then i initialy planed ;D

download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kwc6ir9cqeixc7l/sd_ocean_a16_wip_colddone.7z?dl=0
(pictures near the end)

the cold ocean biome is currently somewhat finished. the mod needs bridges to work (just for the terrain it adds). i suggest you use the fishindustry mod if you try it out.

the basic idea was to make the ocean biomes buildable and that you can travel them with caravans.

what the mod currently does:

- seperate the ocean tiles on the worl map into 3 regions: cold, temperate, hot (probably not save game compatible for that reason i assume, have not tried so your own risk)
- adds some cold ocean biome things to make it look and feel fitting (i hope, dont wanne spoil to much^^ )
(exact stuff at the end below pictures)

what i plan to do:
- add a bit more animals plants, aiming more for the temperate+hot biomes, feel the cold is okay a bit more barren
- add some sort of wreckage during map generation, that can be either deconstructed or otheriwse used for ressouces/survival
- add some biome specific things for the temperate and hot ocean. not sure what this would/could be yet. but something like the floating things in the cold on. so if you open up the map you know "yes this is that biome".

current "issues":
- there are no real coasts. the game checks for the ocean biome from vanilla. since this is basiclly gone. there are no coasts /beaches anymore
- i dsabled the enemy fraction bases, they dont seemed to do well when boxed in water
- the game sometimes fails to find a fitting starting spot. no real problem tho,since you can just restart the map if you dont like it/are boxed in or out
- when you caravan you might end up on a small island of shallow water (meaning no space to build and no way to move on). i have not tested caravans much, so yeah. but thats the hidden reason you need the bridges mod (and pontoon bridges) =)
- the ocena biomes spawn no shrines currently. had a problem with the genstep and did not make a custom one yet. since i felt it was not super needed.

so yeah, thx for reading/trying out the mod. maybe making suggestions. who knows ;)


adds (in a bit more detail):
- plant algae:

added on map gen in cold ocean. i will use these for the other ones too probably. you can "grow" it. it's currently about the same as rice (bit mroe growtime 2.5 compared to 2.4 rice), but no rest, so grows if light. much more temperature resitant (0-55 optimal). can grow in nature outside (cold ocean biome) or in algae farm or in hydroponic basin.

- item/raw food algae goo

just the stuff you get when harvesting your algae. nothing special, just rawfood.

- building algaefarm:

like hydroponics, can only be build on shallow water. fertility is rich soil like (1.4). cost is atm 100 wood, just changed the tag on hydroponics. so yeah^^. is linkable building. uses linkflag 3. can only grow algae. you can place floor over it. needs research to be build.

- animal crab+crustcrwaler

just little crawlers. not much to say here. crustcrawler has toxicimmunity.

- stuff rocks:

added on map gen. you can mine these for steel. they give a bit less (25 compared to 35) then the vanilla steel veins.

- stuff driftwood:

added on map gen on ocean tiles. you can convert 1 driftwood to 10 woodlogs at the crafting spot. thats my try to counter the woodproblem on oceanic tiles a bit and it gives the crafting spot a bit of a purpose to use. (single+ bulk recipe)

- stuff ice floes:

added on map gen only in cold ocean biome. these are just for show and to give the biome a bit of a destinction to other ocean ones. you can destroy them, but you get nothing. i just dont wanted the player to have to build around nature stuff and so you have a way to expand you base without worries. you can not stand on them (the fact that they spawn in rare cases on top of each other caused a bit of a problem, thats why i removed this attempt). they do not melt (don't wanted the destert effect with the floes like it was with plalnts last alphas. can still happen if they get destroyed tho.

edit: forgot i added scurvy, which is a random hediff like heart attack. basicly a disease with agecurved hediff giver. so ranodm pawn can get it.


This looks amazing, island survival seems really comfy, will try a playthrough.

How do raids/traders work, though? I'm assuming raiders drop-pod in with traders not coming at all past the usual orbital traders.


must admit i have not tested much in this alpha, i should probably test that before doing more XD

i had the similar terrain set up in a last alpha version and they mostly spawned in okay. sometimes there was a "no fitting spot found" error for sieges, which resulted in them attacking immidietly. but other then that was fine. i don't think muh has changed on the spawn in mechanic (i hope^^).

edit: hm trader caravans seem to have an issue. travaler+ visitors worked fine.



14 days in on temperate ocean, I've had 2 raids that were pretty easy to deal with as there's only one place they can actually spawn and reach my huts. Feels like playing a flat map with a a lot less wood and chunks to work with, which is making early-game an interesting resource challenge.

I couldn't find any stuff rocks nor find them in the dev-spawn menu, plenty of drift wood, though.

The crustcrawlers seem to sometimes spawn with old wounds on only their eyes, sometimes outright spawning straight in with no both eyes freshly shot/cut out.

*reproductive organ is from fluffy's Birds and Bees mod*

As some suggestions, it'd be interesting if you could add some sort of high/low-tide event where the coastal line receeds/extends out for a short period of time. Even something like "tides have washed x ashore nearby", like an instant cargo pod event would be good for resources.


thx for testing;)

that the raids only come from one angle and therefor make it a bit easier is an issue. but i dont wanted a full shallow water map, since it would not change the playstyle overall. but yes it's a bit of a problem with water that enemy raid get easier.

the rockformations must have gotten lost somehow in between, when i changed something else. have to look into that, i didn't even noticed, since i looked for other stuff when i added things and started maps. the steamgeyser's are mssing too currently.

the animals wounds. there was an xml tag like "can spawn with wounds", which i assumed would mean scars. so easily fixed.

for the tide i'm not sure how hard/easy terrain altering events are to implement in terms of coding, thats why i stayed away from that for now. but would be cool for sure. the stranded/washed ashore event i have not thought of. the events would probably be something i do later.


Another thing I've noticed is that when raiders flee, they just wander around. It seems like they cant successfully path their way to the edge of the map. Maybe you should increase the minimum width to 2 tiles for the shallow water bridges, pretty sure the smaller parts are confusing the pathfinding.

EDIT: They're odd, but I can seem to get them to budge and run for the map edge if I further encourage them with more bullets, otherwise they seem fairly content to stand idly about.


fixed the genstep (missing rockformations and steamgeysers) and increased the waterbridges a bit.

for the waterbridges i only added a 1 size there. the terrain seemed a bit clunky othewise, not sure. i wanted it to look like a walkway to the other islands.

for raiders standing around. i had this just too,when i tested a siege. i remember them attacking in a15 if they find no siege spot. there are a lot of issues with the raid ai in general. the impassable water/terrain is quite bad for them especially and amplyfies that or shows them more clearly. i'm not sure if one could fix that in a simple way.


Raids coming from 1 location might not be as bad of an issue once you start branching out via bridges, as that just opens up another path for raiders to take against you. Was pretty funny that the moment I finished my first bridge, a raid event hit with them spawning on the island I just bridged to.


I remembered a mod that strive to accomplish a similar goal with an ocean biome here. It had a tidal event with it changing terrain, so it's definitely feasible to implement.


there should definitely be ...

- random event: Garbage Patch: "A floating mass of trash has washed ashore. There could be useful supplies, total garbage or even hazardous waste." Spawns a mass of rotting material + some useful items + a small chance of something that can cause toxic buildup unless it is disposed of

- random event: Shipwreck: "Some unknown nautical disaster has left a vessel dashed to pieces on your shore. Check for survivors." Spawns ship chunks (or just wood) on a shoreline, with a low chance of survivors

- random event: Lifeboat: "A lifeboat has drifted to the island. Could someone have survived?" High chance of corpse dead for several days, but with good equipment, and a low chance of a survivor with severe malnutrition, heatstroke or hypothermia depending on weather conditions.

- weather condition: Tropical Cyclone / Storm Squall: "Dark clouds have gathered on the horizon. Might be best to buckle down..." Thunderstorm, but objects outside (and walls) have a chance of taking damage.

- random event: Oil spill: "A disgusting slick of hydrocarbons is spreading throughout the area. The local ecology will be damaged until it clears." Generates something similar to blood on the shores, but black, and that causes toxic buildup in animals? It could also kill off fish for a period of time.

- random event: Red sky, take warning: "Red skies at night, sailor's delight. Red skies at morning, sailor take warning." When occurs at dusk, portends a good event in the next 24 hours. When occurs at dawn, portends a negative event in same time period. Alternately, it could just raise or lower the mental break threshold of your colonists for a set time period.

- random event: Message in a bottle: "Incredibly, this bottle appears to contain a message from the loved one of a colonist." When read, generates either a huge buff or debuff to mood, depending on the content of the message. this one might seem silly but we already have raids where your sister and mother, who are 55 and 19 respectively, happen, sooooo...

- random event: Algal bloom: "A massive mass of microorganisms is drifting throughout this region." for a limited amount of time large amounts of algae crop wash ashore.



not yet really. only plan to update when i have one of the other biomes is done.

it will probably take some weeks till it's finished i guess. totally unsure on the time frame^^ with finished i mean that the three biomes are filled with things and maybe some events, not sure yet what direction it takes. since i don't really have a set list what i want to add i can't really say how long.


small update:

i did the temperate biome and added some minor stuff. this means:

- two new plants, fern and reed (just "deko" plants)
- one "animal" bug
- added some landbased ship wrecks (can be deconstructed for some steel+wood)
- added waterglowspots to all ocean biomes these lead to two building options
- added retrieval station (only placeable on waterglowspot, requires research project), adds mining recipes to search for driftwood, steel slag chunks or broken components. high work,but stable ressouce option.
- added relay station (only placeable on waterglowspot, requires research project), basicly connects the (still somewhat working) reactor from the sunken ship wreckage to the surface (1000 powerout put).
- added recipe (single + 5) to stonecutter to break down broken components into steel (yields 2 steel per broken comp. so searching for slag chunks is the better option on the retrieval station if you want only steel).
- added recipe (single + 5) to component assembly bench to repair broken components (3 brokens = 1 component). this is crafting skill 10 locked like the component production recipe, but costs less. (you have a lower work amount if you make components out of steel still)

- lowered the algaefarm to 50 wood


Add fishing docks!
There's a mod called FishIndustry that did a fair job with the fishing dock, but the rest of that mod is a long string of fail that doesn't actually feed colonists.
My 5-point rating system: Yay, Kay, Meh, Erm, Bleh


Will this mod be updated to A17?


probably, since i started chip away on work a bit on this from time to time. i will do a bit more next few days. so earliest update to a17 end of this week/weekend.