(Canceled)Project Exidus

Started by FueledByOCHD, August 18, 2018, 12:24:08 AM

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Project Exidus
    Welcome to the realms. In this place where the worlds are constantly at war with each other and constantly in conflict with each other you have been activated by the Commander of the Defense Platform Zenoth. You are a Z689 Survival Colony Drone created by the United Alliance of Kingdoms to help the people trying to flee the war torn region of the Realms of Magika. You have been equipped with a Neural Transmitter to allow for temporarily direct control of your Survivors. You have also been equipped with a large number of technological research projects designed to help focus your survivors. Along with a large number of structure blueprints which will allow you to design how your survivors live in this new plant.
    Hello everyone and welcome,
    Today I am proud to release the first version of the core mod. In this version I have added a custom scenario.
   Project Exidus is meant to be played on higher dificulties with Simple Sidearms. Although I recoment making it so you can have one ranged weapon and one close quarters weapon, Guns are considered ranged weapons. Please feel free to pm your adventures. If anyone could recommend some mods that would go along with Project Exidus feel free to link it for me please. I am planning on Project Exidus being a fusion between magic and technology.



Change Log
    Initial Release

    Fixed issue with length of day's not lining up

    Removed the Redundant time system
    Removed Settings for time system
    Updated the Scenario to disable core events that shouldn't trigger

Known Bugs for Latest Release
    None Currently


Goals for V Core

  • Convert the text of select things to be more friendly with Exidus Lore

Goals for V Lore

  • Create a simple lore Guide for more info into the Lore
  • Create the Project Exidus ShortStory/Novel

Goals for V Tech

  • Rework the research tree for better control


Released a fix for the mod which fixes a bug in the time system



If you downloaded the mod before this post please redownload the fixes where not in the build that was packaged. Sorry about that, In the process of fixing some of the Github repo I had missed a fixing a line in one of my tools and ended up uploading old build, sorry about that


Project Exidus Mods have been canceled in light of designing a game for them instead. The reasoning for this is the time spent modding proved to hold more hold backs due to the modding system with Rimworld. Hope the modders that work on RimWorld keep up the good stuff.