[B18][WIP] ocean biome stuff

Started by sulusdacor, January 17, 2017, 12:19:14 PM

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Neato mod, gonna test it out. Still not clear on how raids work, but looks fun!


The mod is awesome. I love how the island generates and the new ocean objects make it feel more immersive. Unfortunately, I get the error message that no fish lives in that biome when I try to place the Fishing industry mod docks so I can't feed my colonist some meat without cheating. Any ideas how can I make both mods compatible in my A17 game?



Ok its cool, I tested it... few problems though.
1. Cant get any type of stone.
2. Very limited space, unexpandable.
I would like to have some sort of buildable terrain where i could put sand on the water to make more buildable area, cuz I ran out after 2-3 hours.



if you did not use bridges, when you build the algae farms you should have gotten a massive error report ;)

@watertiles: since the farms check for new water def names i included these from bridges. you usally wanne use some sort of water building mod anyway. you can use shinzy's bridgello too. since it does not add new water tiles, just modify old ones, it should work totaly fine. with other mod adding new terrain where you should it theory be able to build the farms it might be problematic, but the prepare for fishing mod can make them work, since it converts water into vanilla tiles.

@1: i jsut checked all three biomes and the stones seem to generate properly. so there should be some.

@2: bridges, bridgello

in general the mod is intended to have you plan your base out more, have less space and less ressouces. so the problems you have are intentional. you might want to look into mods, that help you with these, ressouce "generation", production etc.


при установке мода на карте мира пропадают реки


I like this mod!
because I'm very like ocean activities,
and if it can do spearfishing with fishing spear-gun,
then it'll be better,
you know, just like ocean hunter with his spear-gun, and maybe a fishing boat :D,
additional if could have a small hut in the beach ;D, that will be the one of the most cheery thing in RW.

whatever if you take-up or not cheers, mate. 8)


I'm not sure if anyones interested but I thought I'd take a crack at adding some texture to the ships mod. I've added a texture for the destroyer an gun battery along with a raft and an inflatable float
You should be able to install this zip instead of the ship component too add an the textures. Hopefully more to come when I have some time.

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Call me Arty

 Can't wait until this gets finished, it's such a cool concept!
Why are you focusing on having a personal life rather than updating a mod that you're not paid to work on?

If there's a mistake in my post, please message me so I can fix it!


Do you have the source code for the ocean world biome? I'm implementing an ocean biomedical and it would be really cool to use some of your code, pm meee


Wow, this mod is absolutely incredible! I love it. That is exactly what I was looking for!