[B18] SF Mods 2018 REEEEEEE more mods

Started by Shotgunfrenzy, December 01, 2017, 10:13:08 PM

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Oh finally, rain removing filth. I always got mad when vanilla had torrential rain with blood and throw-up that could withstand near flooding.

Can this be made for other weather types? Like having snow cover up blood, or toxic fallout denature vomit?

Chicken Plucker

boiii when you gonna tell me you made a ludeon  8)

*I was in cryosleep for 2 months ok pls*


Quote from: Shotgunfrenzy on March 30, 2018, 04:22:20 AM

I have suggestion for the "Corpse Fueled Generator." Change the default filter, it will take all corpses, humans and otherwise. Idk about most people but I'd just want this for human corpses. All that has to be done is as follows below.

Change this.
<li Class="CompProperties_Refuelable">

To This.
<li Class="CompProperties_Refuelable">

I also added a research req.
<label>Corpse Power</label>
<description>Learn that burning bodies can be harnessed for electrical generation.</description>


Could you put up a link for quality treatment 1.0 that doesn't require steam? Thank you so much !


corps gen work in 1.o ? i would love my field of zombies to fule my bace :D


Any chance to update your mods to 1.0? I would love to use them :/
I have no idea how, but it works!!!


This is now in version 1.2 vanilla, right? If so, nice!


Not by the author.
But many 1.1 mods still works at 1.2, you should check the mod discussion about it.



Can Mlie please update your mods in his "Continued" mods so these are not lost? Thanks in advance!