Looking for an "experienced" modder! (Predators)

Started by Ezrool, January 23, 2017, 12:56:30 PM

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Thought of adding Predators as a playable race and some Predator related items! Aswell as an enemy faction. So you can like, choose... To play them or, be hunted by them. Or both!
I can fix the textures but I'd need a buddy to help me add them to the game, fix the stats and such!


I thought of making it able to Skin enemies and pull off their Skull.
Then use the Skin to upgrade armor and Skull to upgrade weapons like Wrist Blades and Combistick.
Just an example, like.. 30 enemy "parts" could increase the damage by only 1.
Haven't really decided yet but it felt like a good idea so you can be as brutal as a Predator actually is!
So instead of switching weapons between too many weapons and such, it's more focused on upgrading!


Finished Textures:
Predator Mask - Done

Combistick - Done
Wrist Blades - Done
Spear Gun - Done
Energy Flechette - Done
Energy Flechette (Projectile) - Done
Spear Gun (Projectile) - Done

Unfinished Textures:
Predator Face
Predator Body
Smart Disc
Plasma Caster Turret
Plasma Caster Turret (Projectile)
Netgun (Projectile)
Skinned Human Body
Skin from Body
Skull with (or without) the Spine

So that's what I'd like to fix!
Here's some stuff I made so far. Got a lot more done now but don't want to share the side and back sprites of the Predator Mask!
Unfinished Predator Head, with Finished Mask on.

Finished Combistick.

Finished Spear Gun with Spear Gun Projectile.

Finished Energy Flechette with Energy Flechette Projectile.

Finished Wristblades

My goal is to get this working with all the items and the armor/wep improve mechanics. Then...
1. Playable Race
2. Enemy Faction

Choose to have them as enemies only, and they'll prob raid solo but with a lot of gadgets (adding later) aswell! They'll also have CC so might capture a worker and lift her away to their base, kill her and then skin her!
Or... YOU can go with a caravan (Only Cara for the moment) and wipe out the human race, destroy the planet! And once you have killed enough... Then, the Xenomorphs might've found you. Which means another faction... Collects nothing but people, don't need no weapons or anything. Simply walks up to the wall, jumps down the roof and starts the invation! Might even lay egg somewhere for you to find before it hatches and war cries for more help!
Intense raiding and war between Predators, Aliens and the Human tribes!

If interested, please send a PM!



Quote from: Razzoriel on January 24, 2017, 01:03:46 PM
One word for you my friend: Plasmacasters.

Another word for you! Already got that covered, just haven't added it to the list!
I figured out a way of making it by adding it beside the helmet texture (Or armor)
And the weapon itself is simply a predator "glove". So while he shoots it he just pulls out his glove!


I... I gotta ask... isnt there any new update on that, right? :/