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Author Topic: Backstories' translation guideline?  (Read 751 times)


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Backstories' translation guideline?
« on: March 09, 2017, 06:17:58 PM »

During translatiion of backstories we found different types of them:
  • Name and gender neutral. These ones contain "NAME", "HE", "HIS" entries. The game replaces these entries by character name and gender specific pronouns.
  • Gender specific. These ones contain only "NAME" entries. Hardcoded gender pronouns ("his", "him" ) are scattered in the description. Stories of this type: FallenProdigy22, MadScientist28, FarmKid40, CivilEngineer41 and many others.
  • Name and gender specific. These ones are full-hardcoded. No "NAME" or "HE" keywords. Stories with the same name seem follow in pairs: (FarmerBoy63, ArmyCook51),  (UrbworldCriminal64, UrbworldPolitican16), (OptimisticChild43, GraphicDesigner99) and others.

According to the message of ZorbaTHut there are many backstories that are linked to the specific backer-created character:

How these types of backstories should be translated?
Will types 2 and 3 be ever made generic in future? Or they are connected to a specific gender or name forever?

Will any guidelines be provided?