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Started by Fishbrains, February 05, 2017, 04:15:53 PM

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Hi there, I was just wondering if there is a way to hide the sow menu option on a custom hydroponics basin as I want to make a few that take specific resources and only grow the one thing. I know I can just use the sow tags to only allow one type of thing to be grown but it seems kind of silly to have a button that has no real use.

As a bonus is there any way to make the basin start with the plants already inside?

thank you.


what's the point of that set-up, a basin made from specific resources but able to grow only one thing?
I can see how the button is an itch when you handle the basins, but when you figure it doesn't have a real function, it probably is just an artifact?
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For some backstory, I'm playing around with an open ocean idea where you could grow kelp from a specific "hydro basin" and process that to make other mean of getting resources. In this instance the kelp basin takes kelp to make and I was thinking about making a fish tank that would require you to have fish eggs to start and would eventually make more fish eggs and fishies.

The basins themselves take no power its just a growing zone that costs resources to make and requires you to actually have some of the plant before you can make more of it.