[A17] eatKenny's Industrialisation : Nuclear Power Plant & Sky Driller

Started by duduluu, February 14, 2017, 05:30:40 AM

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Hello, this is one of my favorite mods, will this be updated for A17?


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its a shame i like using cupra's alloys but it already has copper and alum in it... do i get industrial or stick with cupra's.... the choices q.q


Thank you so much for taking care of the mod :)!

Humble request, in the past some people took pieces of this mod apart to use it separate.
For example the concrete only.

Sometimes for specific play through games, you want only one piece.
Would it be really hard to have it broken into separate mods ?

Please don't take away too much valuable time from your life if it does.
If its a quick thing that's cool, i literally have no idea how much work can it be.


Hello, I tried using this mod and it just replaced my vanilla refinery used to make chemfuel with the mod refinery, is there some mistake

Edit : Nevermind, I solved the problem by editing the xml file by myself, hope you dont mind


I can't find the Sky Driller in any of the menus. Does it have to be researched for it to show up?


You need to buy a 'skydriller callmaker' from a trader, mosttimes from an orbital trader.


Quote from: Canute on June 23, 2017, 03:27:32 AM
You need to buy a 'skydriller callmaker' from a trader, mosttimes from an orbital trader.

I didn't know since this mod is quite new to me. Had to find out it was an 'item' from looking at the coding, but thanks for letting me know!


Cant seem to find the Deep Mine building.
Do you need to buy it, research it or why its not showing up?


Turn on Develop mode, enable God mode.
Then check your production menu again if they show up, then you are missing a research.
But the "skydriller" device is only buyable from deep mining traders, maybe exotic.


There should be more precise information about how the skydriller actually works. I assumed that you can choose the spot after activating it and simply lost the device and ruined the aesthetic of my market place because of lack of information about what it really does. So I was forced to cheat to retrieve my callmaker back and also had to change the mining hole to destructible so I could get rid of the unwanted one. And it still pains me because my permadrath colony was corrupted due to cheats, but I worked on it too hard to start a new save, so I have to live on with that dirty feeling...


Seems like there is an option missing. Or am I missing something?