[A17] The Return of the Megatherium

Started by Mehni, April 17, 2017, 05:30:33 PM

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Back in the olden days when the world was still flat, there was this majestic creature called Megatherium that lumbered across the plains. Their name instilled a sense of fear and respect in those that saw it.

Then A16 came and the mighty megatherium had its name changed to megasloth. And that just isn't as cool, because it's a mundane megasloth. Sloths sometimes miss the branch they're aiming for and fall out of trees. Megatheriums would never do that, they'd fell the tree and eat it whole. Colonists said "What a stupid name. Let's shoot and eat it."

This purely cosmetic mod changes the megasloth name back to megatherium.

Steam link is here and a direct download is attached to this post for logged in members.

Thanks to ZorbaTHut for his Let's Be Honest Here mod. Seeing how that mod works made this cosmetic mod easy to make.

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(Don't want to see this getting drowned out by certain other mods)