zombies... lots of em.

Started by TheJelleyMan, October 20, 2013, 06:52:40 AM

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Hi, I would like to make a suggestion which I haven't seen..and trust me I have read every single topic here. I am In love with this game and I think there is space for another separate mode...yep you guessed it ZOMBIES, I have thought this through and I think it could be very enjoyable. Ok, firstly zombies would be really slow, like the ones from The Walking Dead and there would be A LOT of them. So I think it should start off with a few and increase over time, base building would be very intresting with zombies because there are so many constantly banging on your wall they will get in because a wall can only take so much so this would mean you would have to clear them out every so often...there should also be different types like; a common walker, a faster newly infected, a big fat tank, and a digger who would stand out from the rest because he would be a major threat if allowed to dig his way into your base. Another stragitic element would be included, noise, because noise will attract them and now if you shoot( which you will have to or they will break in) it will attract them which would allow for you people to move from a specific area to go out side, for example if you need to go out side to fetch a new wepon (mabye ammo) you will need to attract zombies to a certain area so your people can move from point A to point B and back, I was also thinking if one of your people get bitten( which should be a high % to happen) they will need a special plant to make a cure so they don't turn. This plant should only grow in certain areas and can't be farmed. I'd like to hear feed back and I'd REALLY like it if the Dev would take a moment to read this. Its just and idea please don't hate to much, if you don't like it just simply say so. If you do like it talk to other like minded people and mabye one day would could play such a zombie game..but like I said, Its just a mode and it would be a Addon because it would be a separate game mode..so everyone have a good day and I look forward to everyone elses ideas.  Ps I know this would kinda mess with the game because you don't direcly control unDrafted people, but you will need people to build, mine ect so you will have to have certain people kill and scavange wepons and ammo if that is included. :)


The feature has already been suggested multiple times.

To my knowledge Tynan isnt to fond of the original zombie thing. He might do it differently though
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Mmm..well I haven't seen it, probably looking with my man eyes but thanks and I hope he does do a horde kind of mode, even if it isn't zombies.


This actually is tynan's answer from kickstarter.

Zombies actually aren't hard. I could do them super easy with the current tech. They're just people who only melee and attack, basically. Perhaps with some enhancements with new effects and attacks and such. Really, compared to the rest of the AI (which balances work responsibilities, combat duties, morale, hunger, sleep and tons of other priorities), zombies are easy peasy. I may put in something like this some day just because it's so straightforward. The only issue is... zombies? Fictionally, it's really played out. Were we to do it I think it would mean finding some new angle for them within the RimWorld universe. What are these zombies? Where did they come from? How do they continue to exist? I'd want to answer these questions in a way that makes sense and is unique.
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If zombies were implemented I think it would be best paired with a limb / area based health system (shooting limbs, the head, body). That way you could have a very resilient body, but it would be reasonably easy to kill using head-shots. Could make for an interesting setup what with people having different shooting abilities, and needing to get closer to kill them, but getting close risks infection via biting.
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I have to admit that I cringe every time someone reopens this can of worms (or maggots if I'm keeping it creepy), I personally liked the whole Zombies/Infection trope... when it first arrived on the gaming scene. Unfortunately people have picked it up again and again until it makes me look as ill as the zombies to see yet ANOTHER zombie-oriented game come out or even one with a zombie-mode. It's just unoriginal and I don't believe it would blend with the Sci-Fi Western theme Ty's trying to build here.

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I'd rather have gorram reavers! But let's call them Reapers, so we don't arouse the true evil in this world Lawyers.

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I really hope that there will be no Zombies in a "traditional" form.

Every 2nd Game has Zombies and with the right Mod-Support there will be tons of Zombie-Mod´s, so please dont use your Time to develop something like this.

I´d rather like to have some new/special enemy´s like a gigantic psycho Sand-Worm or Quadro-Winged Ravens ;)
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no zombies please... ;)

doesnt Tynan mention zombies in the campaign video? something about being included in one of the original iterations of the game? it was a "phase" he was going through at the time... :p


I'm also for "no zombies please".
There are so many zombie games out there right now, I would hate to loose Rimworld to these..


A short special a Halloween 2015 idea, maybe.

As a main game feature? No way.


Id like it as a feature, some kind of undead viral plague just got loosed by some bandits by accident and its now run free on the planet. Id love long standing events like this.


I'd rather there not be a zombie iteration of this game. It's just something I have very little interest in, and the little interest that I do have keen easily be sated with a multitude of other titles.

However, if someone were to do it as a mod then sure, why not. That's what modding is for, yes?


I'm struggling to even figure out what RimWorld would gain out of zombies. You'd have to kill every enemy twice? Or would we go the route of the roaming zombie horde, making combat even more crucial as you need to gun down zombies then hurry up to lay down more turrets every time you want to expand your base?

Blech. No, thank you.


Quote from: Noxmutagen on October 20, 2013, 03:55:04 PM
viral plague
im definitely OK with a plague of sorts, as has been discussed elsewhere... but perhaps it simply leads to worker inefficiencies, mental breakdowns, requires quarantine to prevent spreading, etc.