[1.0] Smarter Food Selection, Hydroponics with lamps and more...

Started by Wishmaster, February 20, 2017, 05:34:05 PM

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All mods require HugsLib.
Get HugsLib here

Stable 1.0
Smarter food selectionSteam     Homepage / Download
Hydroponics with lampsSteamHomepage / Download
Beta 19
Self launching podsSteamHomepage / Download
Too Many LeathersSteamHomepage / Download
Alpha 16
Smarter food selectionDownload   2017.03.20Allows you to assign food policies to your pawns (colonists, prisoners, pets). Sharply improves the food selection. Comes along with many cool other features.
MedivacSteamDownload2017.01.22Allows you to put downed pawns into pods. Also optimizes medical beds selection.
Sync GrowthSteamDownload2017.02.20Helps your crops to become mature at the same time.
Reuse podsSteamDownload2016.12.30Allows you to reuse your transport pods.
Too Many LeathersDownload2017.03.02Merges all identical leathers from different animals. Works with any mod.
Alpha 15
No thoughts for hostile prisoners      Download2016.11.24   Negates all thoughts related to prisoners from a hostile faction (death, sold, executed, organ harvested).

Have a better control over your food for all your pawns. (prisoners, colonists, pets, visitors).

* Feed prisoners with simple meals instead of lavish meals.
* Protect your crops. Prevents your pets from ingesting crops, meals instead of their kibble.
* Allow visitors to use the paste dispenser.
* Force the dispenser to output meals.
* Tons of other improvements.

More information bellow

Github (source only)
Do not install from github

Requesting medivac !

Allows you to put downed pawns into transport pods.

Smarter medical bed selection.

Colonists will now go to the best medical beds (eg: Hospital bed with vital monitor) if they need tending, immunity or surgery.
They will leave FREE the best beds if they are tended already but need recovering.

If they need urgent tending however (for severe blood loss for example), they will just reach the closest medical bed.

This works for rescue as well.

Download latest

Github (source only)

Helps your crops to be mature at the same time, avoiding your farmers to lose time when only few or your crops are fully mature.

This works by magically redistributing the growth between your adjacent crops.
Crops grown above the average of the group will grow slower and those bellow the average will grow faster. The average growth remains the same.

This does NOT work if your plants have more than 8% of growth difference.

You can see what effects the magic has by clicking on your crops.

Download latest

Github (source only)

Are you sick of building pods again and again to communicate with your trading outpost ?
This mod allows you to reuse your pods under certain conditions.

Q: How do I reuse a pod ?

When launching a pods group, target a location within the range (max 20 tiles) of a Landing controler and one Pod launcher for every pods you want to reuse.

Q: What happens then ?

If conditions are fulfied upon arrival, pods will land next to pod launchers, at fueling ports where you can launch them again.

Q: What's if I have more pods than pod launchers at destination ?

Pods that can't land at a fueling port will act like vanilla: they land at a random location and vanish.

Q: Is it balanced ? What is the drawback of that ?

All you need is to have Pod launchers at the destination and the new Landing controler building (looks like a trade beacon). ONLY ONE IS REQUIRED.
It costs 15 gold, 120 steel and 3 components and has 300 hitpoints.

Q: I have an error message when starting the game.
If you are talking about the warning (yellow!) message of HugsLib, it's an HARMLESS message. Otherwise please report it bellow. Compatibility
It should be compatible with Mid-Range Drop Pods by Thundercraft and LongRangePodLauncher by xhatti.
However you should load this mod before and you will loose the place helper (lines to the landing controller) when placing the Pod Launcher blueprint. (to be tested).

Groups all identical leathers into tiered leathers item.

Their names become "tier X leather" where "X" is the tier of the leather. The tier is a ranking based on the stats of the leather.
In vanilla, thrumbo leathers should be tier 1.

Identical means: Same stats, same market value, same commonality.

Does not requires a new save and will ask you for updating all world items when using an already existing one.

Does not make your save game dependent on the mod either.

Should be compatible with anything.

On game start, a report should be available in the log. Here is what it is without other mods.

[WM_Too_Many_Leathers] Merged 49 leather types into 18 tiers. 12 unique types left untouched.
Created [Tier 1 leather (thrumbo)] (defname: Thrumbo_Leather) with leathers from species: thrumbo
Created [Tier 2 leather (arctic wolf)] (defname: WolfArctic_Leather) with leathers from species: arctic wolf
Created [Tier 3 leather (lynx)] (defname: Lynx_Leather) with leathers from species: lynx
Created [Tier 4 leather (pig)] (defname: Pig_Leather) with leathers from species: pig
Created [Tier 5 leather] (defname: Alpaca_Leather) with leathers from species: alpaca ; snowhare ; yorkshire terrier ; wild boar ; warg
Created [Tier 6 leather (chinchilla)] (defname: Chinchilla_Leather) with leathers from species: chinchilla
Created [Tier 7 leather] (defname: Muffalo_Leather) with leathers from species: muffalo ; dromedary ; grizzly bear ; polar bear ; Megasloth ; husky ; elk ; caribou ; timber wolf ; fennec fox ; red fox ; arctic fox
Created [Tier 8 leather (hare)] (defname: Hare_Leather) with leathers from species: hare
Created [Tier 9 leather] (defname: Cougar_Leather) with leathers from species: cougar ; panther ; labrador retriever ; cat ; deer ; ibex ; boomalope
Created [Tier 10 leather (squirrel)] (defname: Squirrel_Leather) with leathers from species: squirrel
Created [Tier 11 leather (cow)] (defname: Cow_Leather) with leathers from species: cow
Created [Tier 12 leather (alphabeaver)] (defname: Alphabeaver_Leather) with leathers from species: alphabeaver
Created [Tier 13 leather] (defname: Gazelle_Leather) with leathers from species: gazelle ; capybara ; monkey
Created [Tier 14 leather] (defname: Boomrat_Leather) with leathers from species: boomrat ; Raccoon ; rat
Created [Tier 15 leather (human)] (defname: Human_Leather) with leathers from species: human
Created [Tier 16 leather (rhinoceros)] (defname: Rhinoceros_Leather) with leathers from species: rhinoceros
Created [Tier 17 leather (elephant)] (defname: Elephant_Leather) with leathers from species: elephant
Created [Tier 18 leather] (defname: Iguana_Leather) with leathers from species: iguana ; cassowary ; emu ; ostrich ; turkey ; tortoise ; cobra

[A15] No thoughts for hostile prisoners.

No more bad thought for prisoners you captured from an hostile faction.

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[A15] No thoughts for hostile prisoners
The mod

You may now treat prisoners from an hostile faction as you wish without getting bad thoughts.
This means : execute / kill, sell or harvest organs.

Executing, selling or treating badly a pawn from a non-hostile faction (such as your own colony) will still get you bad thoughts.
Other prisoners will still get bad thoughts if the badly treated pawn is from a non-hostile faction or their own faction.

Unlike the "no organs thoughts" or "no thoughts on prisoners died or sold", this mod won't overwrite the vanilla thoughts but it's all about faction relations

Known issues

Please report any issues you may have.

You may include my mod in your mods, but give credits.



This mod improves the food selection for all your pawn (colonists, prisoners, pets).

  • Food policies:

    • Assign a food policy individually for all your pawns.
    • Available preset of policies. (Standard, prisoners, ascetic, meals only, no hunt, food for animals only...).
    • Forbid, allow or prioritize certain categories of food (eg: awful meals for ascetic colonists).
    • Create your own policies using XML.

  • Preset policies:   

    •    Plant eating pets will always try to fetch wild grass first instead of that package meal they stand next to (see more bellow).
         Corpses eating pets will always fetch humanlike corpses before anything else. (I assume your colonists don't want to butcher and eat them).
    • Animals like huskies will prefer simple meals and nutrient paste over kibble... that's right. Nutrient paste is much more efficient than kibble. The mod allows the dispenser to force the output of meals.
    • Pets will NEVER drink beers, eat crops or fertilized eggs.

  • Improved nutrient paste dispenser:


    • The dispenser will now pick ingredients smartly. Bad tasting raw food > tasty raw food > insect meat > human meat.
      If your pawn is cannibal, it will use human meat at first ! It also prefer ingredients that will rot sooner.
    • You can also force the dispenser to output meals. Very useful when preparing for a travel.
    • Visitors will now use the Nutrient paste dispenser. Seriously, why do visitors take the raw food from hoppers instead of using the dispenser ?
    • Fixes the vanilla error when wardens want to bring food to a prisoner in a room with a dispenser.
    • (Optional) Cannibal nutrient paste meal is now a separated item. Useful to avoid to stack it and mix ingredients with non cannibal meals.
    • Colonists may use the Nutrient Paste Dispenser from a prisoner's room to feed injured prisoners.

  • Predator pets (default policy):


    • When not injured, pets will always try to find a prey to hunt within their allowed area before fetching any other food, depending on its policy.

  • Ascetic colonists (default policy):


    • Ascetic characters will now prefer meals (paste > simple > kibble > fine > lavish) that are more cost-efficient than raw food, instead of being indifferent.

  • Incapacitated colonists (default policy):


    • (Default enabled) Why feed those useless colonists with lavish meals when they can't even have a mental break ? Feed them like prisoners instead.

  • Taming & Training:


    • Just like pets follow the food priority order, colonists will pick food the same way for animal interaction.
    • (Default disabled). If enabled, your colonists will use corpses to tame and train animals (unstable).

  • Caravans:


    • The food selection works for caravans inventory aswell.
    Visitors and guests:
  • Visitors have an improved behavior but you cannot assign them a policy.
Food priority order

* Prisoners

Nutrient paste > Simple meal > Fine meal > Raw tasty* > Raw food > Lavish meal > Corpse > Humanlike corpse

* Pets (when part of their diet).

that's a long list...
Grass > Hunting (predator race) > Humanlike corpse > Hay > Kibble > Human raw meat > Insect raw meat > Raw food bad > Raw food tasty* > Corpses > Insect corpses > Nutrient paste > Simple meal > Fine meal > Lavish meal

For example:

* Muffalo's diet: Grass > Hay > Kibble > Nutrient paste > Simple meals > Vegetables > Raw food tasty*

* Husky's diet: Humanlike corpse > Kibble > Human raw meat > Insect raw meat > Corpses > Insect corpses > Nutrient paste > Simple meal > Raw food bad > Raw food tasty* > Fine meal > Lavish meal

* Warg's diet: Hunting > Humanlike corpse > Human raw meat > Insect raw meat > Raw food bad > Corpses > Insect corpses

*Raw food tasty = (berries, milk)


Smarter food selection should now be compatible with most mods that adds new food

Combat Extended
Colonists trying to tame will repeatedly pick up and drop food as fast as possible, throwing an exception.

However some foods could be wrongly categorized driving your pawns to incorrectly select their food (in the wrong priority order).
You can easily create a compatibility patch for a specific mod:
Go to the the Defs/Compatibility folder of the mod and use core.xml as a template. A quick guide to how to make a patch is provided.

Detour list:


Known issues and limitations

* You CANNOT assign a policy to a pawn in a caravan. However the latest policy you assigned him will be active while he's traveling.

* HARMLESS. With Psychology, you will get an error message on start. This is harmless and you can totally play normaly with this.
* Colonists will not fill the hoppers to get food from the NPD.
* Taming colonists will pick unlimited quantities of food when no appropriate food is available for the tamee. ONLY when "control pets" option is disabled.
* (Maybe) some performance issues when having a lot of pets.
* Some pets like cats will wrongly prefer simple and nutrient paste over kibble.

Please report any other issue...

Update log
2.0 changelog

New features:

    New: Added fully customizable policies. Visitors and other friendly have their own policy you cannot set however.
    New: Added UI to individually set policy for a pawn.

    New: Improved food selection algorithm. More reliable.
        New: Food score optimized (again). Now takes into account wasted nutrition aswell as the cost of the food (based on the most cost efficient recipe).
        (for example meals require 55% of their nutrition as raw food to be made).
    New: Strongly improved "Draw food search From mouse" feature in dev mode. Useful to see the effect of the mod or of a custom policy.
            -Use Hotkey (default "\") to cycle through modes.
            -Displays all score factors for a given food (distance, thoughts, policy factor...)
            -Highlights the best foods from the cursor and from the pawn's position.
            -Now shows the score for preys and plants aswell.
                -Will only show the score of items within a radius around the cursor.
            -Draws the allowed area of the selected.
            -Stability: if the drawing throws an error, the option is automatically turned off.

    New: Can now define a max hunt strength ratio for your predators pets. They will not hunt preys beyond this ratio. Ca
    New: Pets will not hunt downed enemies you are capturing.
    New: Can now allow pets to eat trees (useful for those hungry thrumbos).
    New:  NPD now has an "animal" mode which prefers ingredients that most humans hate the most (human meat > insect meat > everything else).

Performances improvement:

    New: Added food search cache to improve (again) performances.
    New: Limited food search amount for pawns (configurable).

Bug fixes:

    MAJOR fix: Predators that converge on visitors when they arrive.
                The reason was wild animals will actually never hunt... except visitors.
    Fix: Can't use foods for training/taming animals in some cases.
    Fix: colonist not being able to feed downed pets with food outside of their allowed area.
    Fix: Pets will now eat moss and dandelions like they eat grass. They won't however if they are in a plant pot.
    Fix: Pawn in Mental state will ignore their food policy.


    New: Slightly improved compatibility report. Can now be printed on command (with different modes). Also will always be printed on start instead of being an option.
    New: Added French translation
    New: Updated ingame mod description

    Fix: Code rework
    New: Completely rewrote the vanilla food selection related code (fully instead of partially)
    Fix: "Food pref" is now named "food category". Sounds better...

v1.1d (2017.02.21)

  • New: Nutrient paste dispenser rework.
  • New: Your pets won't hunt animals marked for taming.
  • New: Can now set a strength ratio limit for your pet's preys (mod default is 0.25, vanilla is 0.5).
  • New: You can now feed incapacitated colonists like animals as well as prisoners. Feed them with human corpses, they won't say anything.
  • New: Most mod options are now default hidden.

  • New: Added language file.
  • New: Added compatibility for Rimsenal.

  • Major Fix: Compatibility system not working as intended.
  • Vanilla Fix: Error when warden wants to bring food to a prisoner in a room with a nutrient paste dispenser.

  • Fix: Some animals won't eat what they actually can with some mods.
  • Fix: Compatibility report is clearer with more details.
  • Fix: Downed but not incapacitated colonists not fed normaly (should be).
  • Fix: Improved food selection for caravans.
v1.1c (2017.01.14)

  • Major fix: Errors with pets of visitor's caravans.

  • New: Now compatible with most food mods with as Vegetable Garden..
  • New: You can now create your own compatibility patches with XML. You should now be able to fix any compatibility issue. (see Defs/ folder)..
  • New: meat and corpses food preference is now recorded on startup to..
v1.1b (2017.01.06)

  • New: Food selection now works for caravan.
  • New: Potential compatibility issues with other mods will now be show on startup.
  • New: Ascetic humans now prefer kibble over fine meals. (they don't care !)

  • Fix: Major performance fix when many pets are hungry but can't find any food within their area.
  • Fix: Now prevents colony's pets to hunt downed prisoners (seems to happen in some cases...).
v1.1a (2016.12.20)

  • New: Updated to A16
  • New: Added in game UI mod options. (Thank you HugsLib). And removed the config file.

  • Fix: Improved performances (again).
  • Fix: Fixed few bugs.
v1.0b (2016.12.07) (unstable)

  • New: (vanilla fix) Visitors aren't stupid jerks anymore.
    They will now use paste dispensers instead of picking that expensive, raw tasting food in hoppers.
  • New: Colonists can now feed injured/sick prisoners using paste dispensers from prisoner's room when possible.
  • New: Predator pets will now always try to hunt before fetching any other food when not injured.
  • New: (optional) Restricting incapacitated colonists (limited...).
  • New: Pets now prefer awful and simple meals over raw food if their food need is important enough.

  • Fix: Major performances issues especially when having arroud 10+ pets.
  • Fix: Insect following pet's diet...

  • New: Food preference score system improved...
v1.0a (2016.11.24)

  • New: Trade caravans / Visitors pets (if ever they have any) will now behave like colony's pets and pick their food wisely.
  • New: Taming colonists will now pick the best food for taming (Hay > Kibble > ....) .
  • New: IF ENABLED, wardens will feed prisoners you are trying to recruit with the best food.
  • New: EXPERIMENTAL. IF ENABLED, colonists will try to tame and train animals with corpses and humanlike corpses.
  • New: Added configuration file.

  • Fix: Food selection for animals works better.
  • Fix: Grass is now part of pets diet.
  • Fix: Pets and warden now care about the distance. They won't cross the entire map to get an awful instead of a simple meal.
  • Fix: Fine meals now comes before raw food for prisoners. Fine meals are more cost-efficient.
  • Fix: Reworked the entire code...


any chance of you uploading your mods to steam workshop?


Can I control Pawns to use hay first for taming and feed hurt animal with hay?

I'm lack of food and stupid pawns are feeding animal with raw food and cooked ones.


Quote from: mirsan on February 21, 2017, 11:26:39 AM
Can I control Pawns to use hay first for taming and feed hurt animal with hay?

I'm lack of food and stupid pawns are feeding animal with raw food and cooked ones.

For some reasons, you can't use hay. Your colonists will get kibble first instead.
Btw you don't really control your pawns. The mod just changes how they behave however, you can customize that with options.

edit: Actually you can use hay, and even grass ! That's right. Your colonist you pick up grass to feed it to your muffalo.

However, your colonist will only pick food within the allowed area of your pet.
Also using grass to feed injured pets takes a lot of time... I should fix that.


Quote from: Wishmaster on February 20, 2017, 06:00:21 PM
Unfortunately no. If I could I would do since so many ask it for good reasons.

ok now I'm curious why can you not upload to workshop? no steam account?


i didn't see any "ex-prisoner still eat using prisoner routine after they were recruited when using hospitality" in known issues. Is it already been fixed?


how do you use the compatibility version of Smarter food selection for VG. I would really like to use both mods.
Mod Help! The basics on how to download mods!


Hey, I find that if a visitor comes by or traders, that every single carnivor like Cougars and Jaguars will all converge on that location to hunt 1 single pawn. Is this normal? Any way to fix this? So many bad relations...