[A17] [WIP] Rimblock

Started by Sp0nge, July 19, 2017, 04:32:57 PM

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So I`m basicly trying to add parts of Minecraft into this game. First off ive done minor tweaks, and added a tools (its in all honesty a glove) that will affect mining and anything related to "Plant cut", like harvesting trees, growing etc. I cant do images better than a donkey, so i wont even try it.

V0.01 contains debuffs in any work related to mining and plant cut, with added tools (craftable in a craftingspot) to actually make pawns capable of doing some of the basic job.

Compability is not tested, nor will it at this stage. Inputs is always liked, this isnt a project that will be done by tomorrow, i wanna play other games aswell :)

Download V0.01

Dont try this on an existing save without a backup ...