[B18] Waka's Mods (Updated 16/4/18) New Speedy Floors and Mineral Extraction

Started by Waka, April 16, 2018, 02:06:16 AM

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Waka's Mods

B18 Glitterworld Medicine Crafting 2.0

Adds craftable Glitterworld Medicine. It requires 1 Medicine, 3 Neutroamine and 10 Hyperweave. Level 10 medicine skill and level 5 crafting skill are necessary to craft.
Yes, I know there are quite a few mods out there that do this same thing, but typically they also add a bunch of other stuff. This is only a single recipe.

B18 Scoped Guns 2.0

Adds scoped, higher accuracy variants of 3 guns.
Adds two items and three guns to the game.
Scoped Rifles have an increased +10 Range and +10% Accuracy at short, medium and long range.
Lens: Used to craft the scope. Created at the smelter using 5 bricks.
Scope: Can be attached to a Bolt-action Rifle, Assault Rifle, or Charge Rifle to increase range and accuracy. Created at the machining table using 2 Lenses, 10 Steel and a single component.

B18 Mineral Extraction 1.0

Adds technology to extract minerals from metals, and formulate them back into other metals.

Research: Mineral Extraction
Gives the ability to build the Mineral Extractor table.

Building: Mineral Extractor
A table that you can use to extract and formulate metals.

Item: Extract
A slurry of minerals which can be formulated into multiple substances.

You can extract six minerals (Gold, Silver, Steel, Plasteel, Uranium, and Jade) into Extract.
Extract can then be formulated back into those same minerals.

What this means is you can convert materials into one another at the cost of time and power.
This mod draws inspiration from Astroneer.

B18 Speedy Floors 1.0

Adds 5 tiers of force multipler superspeed tiles.
Tier 1: 108% movement speed, 3 Steel to build
Tier 2: 118% movement speed, 5 Steel to build
Tier 3: 130% movement speed, 8 Steel to build
Tier 4: 144% movement speed, 10 Steel to build
Tier 5: 162% movement speed, 12 Steel to build


B18 Mods:
A16 Mods:

How to install:
- Unzip the contents and place them in your RimWorld/Mods folder.
- Activate the mod in the mod menu in the game.

I have no problem with anyone modifying these mods or including them in a mod pack, but I would like credit if you choose to do so.


I love the idea of faster floors, after the flooring added by the fences mod seemed to break and the author abandoned them. Any aesthetic differences by tiers in yours?


I had no idea what to do for the textures, so they look like road pavement. They have dotted lines around the edges, and each tier corresponds to the dots. I'm trying to think up a new look for them, I want to match RimWorld's color scheme.


Just an idea.
Speedy Floors, what do you think about to add power need for Tier2 or better floors. Not much 1-10 each tile.
It isn't very logical that you gain a movement bonus out of nothing.
And maybe at this way you could build expres way's outside your base, connected with a switch. And then you just switch off while a raid.


I actually played around with that exact idea. The only problem is I have no idea how it would work. I can make the tile require power to run, but I don't know how to take away the speed if it isn't on.