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Started by Granitecosmos, March 14, 2017, 11:10:24 AM

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Before you scroll down.

I'm not a programmer. I've made these for my own personal use but decided to share anyway. My mods are all just xml mods for now, although that might change in the future. Some of these mods I've made back in the A12 era and have been maintaining them ever since.

Some of my mods add additional research and since the current iteration of vanilla Tech Tree isn't exactly mod-friendly, especially if you start stacking mods, I didn't even bother with coordinates. Since we all know Tynan is a cool guy who wants to make his game mod-friendly, the Tech Tree will likely change in the future anyway. I strongly recommend using a mod that reverts or fixes the Tech Tree.

Feel free to do whatever you want with my mods, although messaging me first would be nice. I've added a few notes in most of the xml files for those who're new to xml modding and are curious about how my stuff works. Regarding textures, see the individual mod's section about permission to use it.

How to update my mods.

Always, without exception, delete the previous version first and only then copy the updated mod folder. This ensures the best user experience. In fact, you'll live a happier life if you do this with every mod you use, not just my mods.

Now that all that's been said, let's get to the fun stuff!

Modular Power Armor

Have you ever wondered why the Power Armor doesn't cover some bodyparts like the hands? Have you ever got annoyed because you can't have your truly lategame equipment because even Legendary Power Armor isn't adequate?

Well fear not, for I bring you Modular Power Armor!

Probably inspired by Fallout 4's system and the fact that vanilla Power Armor kinda sucks, this aims to fix the issue!

  • Five tiers of Power Armor, the higher you go the better it becomes!
  • Modular means every full set consists of four pieces: Chest, Leg, Arm and Helmet. All four combined covers the entire body! These pieces can be worn individually too. Certain pieces will have specific bonuses at higher tiers, like Leg pieces adding an additional speed boost.
  • Cost also scales with tier, higher tiers requiring more advanced materials to craft!
  • Higher tier version requires the lower tier one in the crafting recipe. No waste, feel free to build the lower tiers because you'll have to anyway!
  • Additional research because this is supposed to be lategame stuff!
  • It takes considerable amounts of crafting time to get from the first tier to the last. Which means, now you have stuff to do lategame! Yay!
  • No new workstations because my Workshop is already 9001 tiles large. Seriously, it can get so out of hand with many mods...
  • The only way you can get these is by crafing! You won't find it as loot, nor can you buy it from traders. You have to work for your overpowered armor!
But wait, there's more!

Now you can disassemble your vanilla Power Armors and get all the materials you need to craft one back. You can use this to either reroll quality by disassembling and recrafting (which also fixes the damage) or to use the materials to make my Modular Power Armor! Disassembling is a very lengthy process and disturbing the pawn will lose the progress, you have been warned!

All Power Armors now require Fusion Cores to craft. You can get these by disassembling vanilla Power Armor, disassembling Mechanoids or just being lucky enough to find some in an exotic trader's stock.

Let's not forget another small thing. These things cost a lot and I mean A LOT to make. It would be kinda pointless to craft them without any way to fix them up since it costs A LOT to craft these, both resource- and time-wise. So you can "recalibrate" the highest tier pieces for some materials to essentially recraft them, fixing any damage. Isn't that nice?

However, due to even most vanilla recipe bills not recognizing any changes to the item health scale, I highly  recommend automating this process by restricting the area the recipe takes items from, making a stockpile for damaged pieces only near the workbench and making a stockpile further away from the workbench that only accepts undamaged or not too damaged pieces only. Also make sure you don't set the bill to drop the item to the ground!

Here's the GitHub link for the download.


Is this balanced? Honestly, is vanilla RimWorld balanced? OF COURSE NOT!

I really tried to make it kinda balanced. The problem with the original Power Armor in my opinion is that it's market value is way overpriced compared to the benefits. Couple this with the flawed quality system where Legendary has double the armor but also has SIX TIMES higher market value! Since the power budget of Raids depends on the total market value of your colonies this can easily get out of hand. So how to fix this?

Easy! Since the problem is too high base value and ridiculous quality price scaling, I've removed the quality from these and made sure their value-to-protection scales better the higher tier you craft. This also prevents quality trolling, when your high level crafter rolls a shoddy Power Armor.

Don't forget that this means that any Outfit you want to include these new armors must have normal quality enabled otherwise you'll have to manually force wear. You have been warned!

As for balance, the first tier is basically the same as normal quality vanilla but can cover the hands too. The last tier makes you (arguably) more powerful than a Centipede, 90% damage reduction and 90% chance to deflect damage. You'll have a long journey ahead of you to get there, though...


I'd like to thank Ykara for giving me permission to use and modify the source of A12 EPOE. I've created this mod back in A12 for personal use and I wanted to achieve something I thought was only possible via C#. It turned out that wasn't really the case but I did anyway since this was my first DLL mod project ever and indeed I was successful. I didn't carry the DLL over to A13 though.

I'd also like to thank Shinzy for giving me permission to use two textures from the old A12 Apparello mod. These two textures are assigned to be the display textures for every Arm and Leg piece of the Modular Armor sets. If you want to use these you'll have to ask Shinzy for permission, not me.

And lastly, but certainly not least, I'd like to thank Thirite for pointing out the obvious, allowing me to fix the last thing missing from the mod to finally be release-worthy.


As mentioned above, the display textures for every Arm and Leg pieces were not made by me. Ask Shinzy if you want to use them.

I'd like to mention here that the (rather shoddy) texture for the Fusion Core was made by me. Feel free to do whatever you want with it as long as you don't claim you made it. If you think you can make something similar that's better, feel free to send me a PM. It's really just a placeholder right now.

The rest of the textures included are vanilla textures which, as far as I know, are available for anybody to be used in mods.


Since A17, this mod should be compatible with any other. It uses xpathing and patching to slightly change:

  • Vanilla Power Armor recipe
  • Mechanoid disassembly drops
Since patching happens after all the defs are loaded, unless another mod changes these exact same things via patching, everything should be ok.
Better Equipment Racks(no, I'm not gonna change it to "Better Shelves")

Have you ever wondered why the hell do Equipment Racks Shelves have quality? Have you ever wanted to make a nice medicine cabinet in your hospital? Yeah, already vanilla, thanks to yours truly!

Well fear not, for I bring you Better Equipment Racks!

Let me tell you the difference between an Awful Wooden Equipment Rack Shelf and a Legendary Wooden Equipment Rack Shelf. The latter has more than TEN times the market value! That's it, no other difference!


Sure, it can be used to increase the wealth of a room but wait, what's this? Sculptures exist too and they do that better? That's right, so why the hell do these things have a quality again?

Time to fix this! Since most stuff that can be placed on Equipment Racks Shelves now have a negative beauty value, let's give a beauty value to this piece of furniture. Problem solved, now there's one stat that scales with quality. Yay!

But wait, there's more!

Thanks to yours truly posting in the "Mods you'd like to see in vanilla" thread, the original, most important function of storing almost everything on the Shelf is vanilla functionality as of A17. Yup, my mod has permanently contributed to RimWorld!

Here's the GitHub link for the download.


People might actually start using this furniture now. Another source of beauty, another useful addition. Also, remember that items stored on Equipment Racks Shelves don't deteriorate.


As of A17, this mod should totally be fine with any other unless they add beauty to the Shelf.

More Drugs

Have you ever thought how much it sucks that most drugs can incur heavy penalties after just one use, especially in A16? Have you ever wondered why we don't have an antibiotic with somewhat realistic effects? Have you ever wanted to snort a freaking Thrumbo horn?

Well fear not, for I bring you More Drugs!

Rise and shine motherhumper! Take one of these beautiful orange pills and brighten your day, Sunrise™* was made just for you!
Made by refining the finest powder of white gold supplied by your friendly neighborhood junkie plantation, mixed with some high-tech stuff and cooked over burning Raiders, this stuff will surely make your life easier! Side effects? What side effects? This thing is an accepted drug on Glitterworlds, boy, like cigarettes were back on Earth in the 21th century. Except this has less cancer! What are you waiting for? Go out and buy some Sunrise™* today!

Cure Pill™*
Ever felt like you're about to go Berserk because those damn sensory mechanites hurt like hell? Ever wondered why you have to watch the slow death of your friend just because he caught the Flu and the next day he caught the Plague too? Do you hate Penoxycyline? Well then, I've got you covered!
Time to take the red pill and I'll guarantee this antibiotic will clean your system faster than Neo dodges bullets! Cure Pill™* will fix you right up, buddy. What, you're in pain? No problem, this stuff has painkillers in it too! Listen to Morpheus and take the red pill today! Just don't forget that antibiotics will temporarily blow your own immune system back to the stone age too!

A17b: Thrumbo Powder™*
Looking at that Thrumbo horn, no traders in a decade, and you want to get something out of it? Well, it's time to experiment!

Ground that horn, take a sniff and you too can feel the power of this ancient beast! Get that combat edge you need to overcome any obstacles! Take one sniff and be great. Take two and become a god! Who needs that puny Go-Juice when you can have this? Snort that Thrumbo Powder™* and lead the charge! What could possibly go wrong, right?

*None of these are actually trademarked.

These goodies are also craftable, come with their own respective research, as well as textures.

Here's the GitHub link for the download.


Really not sure about this one. Sunrise is probably a bit too powerful right now and I might have to add Neutroamine to the recipe of Cure Pill too. Thrumbo Powder should be ok, it's a rare substitute for Go-Juice. Only time can tell if I got the balancing right. And feedback, of course.


The texture files for Sunrise and Cure Pill are based on some vanilla RimWorld textures. All I did was some slight changes and recoloring. The Thrumbo Powder one is self-made. Feel free to do whatever you want with them as long as you don't claim you made them.


I honestly can't think of anything that would be incompatible with this.

Quality Fix

Have you ever wondered why you're drowning in silver lategame (other than because of organ harvesting, of course)? Have you ever done the math behind the quality system?

Let me tell you the difference between a Normal Charge Rifle and a Legendary Charge Rifle. The latter has 50% more DPS while it has a market value multiplier of 600%! Do you see the problem already?

Well fear not, for I bring you Quality Fix!

In a game where the most troublesome event (a.k.a. Raid) is determined by the total market value of your colonies, you should always try to get as much stats as you can for as low additional value as you can. It's simple logic, right?

The problem with quality market price scaling in RimWorld is that it works backward. Instead of producing items with better value-to-stat ratios, higher quality weapons/armors give worse and worse ratios the higher we go. So the higher quality gear you use, the more you shoot yourself in the foot! Surely an intended behavior, right?

Anything over Exceptional is simply not worth it. Luckily, this can be easily fixed! All this mod does is change the market value scaling of quality so now most weapons retain their Normal value-to-stat ratios, while higher quality armors are now straight up always better.

Here's the GitHub link for the download.

If you want more, proper explanation regarding why I made this mod, please read the Readme on the GitHub page. It should explain everything.


Trickier than you'd think. Lower values mean less severe Raids, especially lategame, but Raiders can spawn with better stuff more frequently too. This also affects money generation via anything that produces things with quality. So unless your export consists merely of organs and drugs, you'll need more time to amass the same amount of silver you used to have.


Any mod that changes the market value scaling of quality above normal via patching might be troublesome.


Have you ever wondered why your colonists can't just dig up some soil and bring it back to your mountain base? Have you ever wanted to make an artificial desert, a marsh moat or just add come lichen-covered dirt for aesthetics?

Well fear not, for I bring you Terraform!

Now, before we start. I know there are other mods that more or less do the same thing and most of them are probably more balanced than this one. On the other hand, since most of my mods were originally made just for my own personal use (just like this one), I might as well release this one too.

Obviously it wouldn't be even nearly balanced if you could just build fertile soil everywhere. I tried to make it somewhat tiered; you convert infertile diggable terrain into gravel, then you can convert gravel into any other fertile terrain type. You can also build gravel on smooth stone. However, you can't just start converting gravel into fertile soil right away. Terrain types are locked behind research so you'll gradually unlock stuff as you progress.

Here's the GitHub link for the download.


I should probably increase the work to build the different terrain types. Probably. However, as I've stated above, there are other mods out there that probably do this better.


This mod adds additional functions to these via patching:

  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Soil
  • Rich Soil
  • Lichen-covered Dirt
  • Marsh
You might run into problems if you have any mod that also changes these. Patching overwrites def edits so beware.


Mechanoid Nerfhammer

Have you ever wondered why every second hit from an Inferno Cannon is almost guaranteed to hit your Colonist? Have you ever thought some kind of change should be in order?

Well fear not, for I bring you Mechanoid Nerfhammer!

The problem with Centipedes with Inferno Cannons is that when you're facing multiple of these guys, your options are limited to two approaches:

  • Use an exploit in order to deal with them.
  • Interact with them in a way they can't interact with you.
Since I consider neither of these as fun counterplay I've decided to change things. The problem is that facing Inferno Cannons in a regular gunfight is far from viable. They wreck fortifications, they have huge area-of-effect, they set people on fire. For people who don't use killboxes, like me, these things are quite the pain in the backside. Sure, you can just kite with Snipers but please remind me how many in-game days are you gonna waste when you have 15+ of these things?

So in order to make facing these things (instead of just waiting for that lucky EMP Mortar shot that basically instawins you the fight) more viable, I've dropped the Nerfhammer and boy, did it leave a dent!

  • Range reduced from 27 to 24 to match most other firearms' range.
  • Explosion radius is now equal to that of a Frag Grenade's.
Here's the GitHub link for the download.

If you want more, proper explanation regarding why I made this mod, please read the Readme on the GitHub page. It should explain everything.


Hey, these things were the top of the food chain for so many Alphas. Serves them right.


Anything that changes the Inferno Cannon's range and projectile explosion radius via patching might be incompatible.


Have you ever wanted to max out all your pawns' research skill? Have you ever wondered why that moron who made the Modular Power Armor mod added research skill as requirements for the good stuff?

Well fear not, for I bring you InfiniTech!

All it does is add an additional research. Have fun completing it!

Here's the GitHub link for the download.


What, have you been snorting that yayo again? This has nothing to do with game balance, dude. Where do these junkies keep coming from anyway?


I honestly can't think of anything that would be incompatible with this.



the benevolent god of granite provides for us all!!!



Really like ur describing style, it made me laugh a bit. Check your «more drugs» git – there's nothing in it. And, please, make screenshots where it's possible (power armor, for example).


Power armour is simply power armour with the legs and arms from shinzys apparello as items (as theres nowhere to render them on a pawn).
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Quote from: skullywag on March 15, 2017, 04:54:25 AM
Power armour is simply power armour with the legs and arms from shinzys apparello as items (as theres nowhere to render them on a pawn).
Indeed, I just took the easiest approach and used vanilla textures for all the heavy lifting. Since Pants aren't visible on pawns either I thought it wouldn't be such a horrible way to treat Arm and Leg pieces the same way.

Quote from: ambivalence on March 15, 2017, 02:59:02 AM
Really like ur describing style, it made me laugh a bit. Check your «more drugs» git – there's nothing in it. And, please, make screenshots where it's possible (power armor, for example).

Damn, I knew I screwed something up! I'll get to it ASAP.

EDIT: Fixed!

Quote from: Grabarz on March 15, 2017, 05:12:24 AM
add some screen shoots please

OK, fine. Jeez. Sure, let's make the OP even longer::)

EDIT: Added some images.


I tested Modular Power Armor mod. Everything works fine for me. I crafted Tier 1 and it was long like OP said! I can't imagine how long will be Tier 5! Thx OP good mod.


I remember that «Project Fallout» mod had some power armor textures, so... Maybe you ask the author, if you can implement it in your power armor mod? Or, probably, just make the standalone patches, able to work without the original ones? Just to have some visual options, you know. RimEffect also has a good looking armor.


Quote from: ambivalence on March 15, 2017, 03:23:06 PM
I remember that «Project Fallout» mod had some power armor textures, so... Maybe you ask the author, if you can implement it in your power armor mod? Or, probably, just make the standalone patches, able to work without the original ones? Just to have some visual options, you know. RimEffect also has a good looking armor.

Although I probably could ask for permission to use those textures, there are a few reasons why I'd rather not.

First of all, after a brief inspection, I'm pretty sure those mods are compatible with mine. Using their textures would just confuse people using one of those mods along with mine at the same time. Although that probably would be a rare occasion.

Second, I don't really need it. Vanilla textures work just fine. Now, you could say that "it looks identical to vanilla, it can be confused with vanilla armor" but since my armor can only be obtained by crafting you'd always, without exception, know whether you have one or not. Also, my vanilla-textured armor pieces are always white.
Thanks to the outfit system, accidentally equipping vanilla armor wouldn't be a problem either, unless you force-wear without checking and you keep both vanilla and my stuff in the same stockpile.
Now, you could also say that "different tiers also look identical, therefore confusion" but that can be fixed easily too. Higher tier is always better, therefore outfits will always try go give pawns the highest tier allowed. You'll also always want to upgrade as soon as possible for the same reason.
The only reason why I use textures from another mod is because there's no vanilla alternative and I'm not good enough to make adequate textures myself. I'd also like to avoid using textures already used by up-to-date mods, that's why one of the two textures I borrowed is an older version.

On the other hand, if an artist wants to make textures for any of my mods I'm more than happy to check out whatever textures they might come up with.

I do appreciate that you actually took your time and gave me some alternatives, though. People like you restore my faith in humanity. Thank you!



Can I make a cosmetic suggestion? What if you cut the power armor image in half, (like legs and tops) so that when you are wearing the leg powered parts, it shows up same for the top, instead of the top covering everything.
Quote from: faltonico
I truly can't understand that sense of balancing a LOT of modders have, pouring more resources on something doesn't make it more difficult, but more annoying. It is not engaging, even if i'm swimming in silver at late game ¿why to bother?, why all the effort to get there?.


What an awesome Idea.
I needed to have this in my collection after the first few lines.

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