Stealth coding?

Started by Chicken Plucker, July 27, 2017, 05:20:33 PM

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Chicken Plucker

Hello, I have only started modding for Rimworld in the past few days, I made a Ghillie suit mod:

But it only functions like any other clothing, I was hoping if someone could shine a light here and tell me if its possible to make hostile pawns ignore a user of this outfit or if not.

Maybe it's possible to somehow turn the colonist ignore setting for something else, but only for a certain range?

Thanks to anyone who has ideas


you will need custom targeting AI and some other routines, it's done relatively easy and does not actually need ever single code injection.

check AttackTargetFinder


Maybe not to ignore completely but add some chance to ignore. Complete ignore would be so OP. Definitely a cool idea, especially if it can be coded easily, as RawCode pointed out!