Equipment racks, and stored items, are they flammable?

Started by TunaMayo, May 13, 2017, 12:49:12 PM

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So I was playing RimWorld and I had an equipment room in a mountain full of Marble equipment racks (I stored all my weapons and armor here) , then a hive shows up. The bugs are too strong for me to let my colonists try and kill them so I decided to just heat or fire em up. (using heaters to output a high temperature in the room, causing the bugs to burn) but, I'm scared that if I do I might burn the equipment. I know that the racks themselves wont burn (flammability 0%) but I dont know if the things stored in them will, help please?


They probably won't self-combust, but fire can spread to them and ignite them. It all depends how flammable the room is in general.



Quote from: TunaMayo on May 14, 2017, 01:03:04 AM
Can insects spread fire to the equipment though?
If an insect catches on fire, the fire doesn't jump off the insect onto other things, but if it dies (or gets downed) while on fire, then the fire will spread to nearby objects.


Spontaneous combustion ONLY effects pawns currently : wood and other things are immune to this last I checked.

Actually, its kinda funny, you can use the dev mode to stack dozens of heat-waves till the world is several thousand degrees Fahrenheit, and plants still wont burn.

To be honest, sometimes burning out bugs is worth it even IF it risks some damage : bugs are no joke.
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