[A17/B18] Orbital Hubs United - Dropships 1.2 (14.02.2018)

Started by Cpt.Ohu, April 23, 2017, 03:44:16 PM

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Is updating this awesome mod to B19 on your radar? it adds a lot of fun new possibilities to rimworld/  :)





Whenever this updates will be the signal that its time to get ready to upgrade to 1.0. So long as it hasnt i am safe, as facial stuff/colonist bar are still being tested for it. But by the time this one releases itll really light the fire on my ass


That might be a while, Ruisuki. Maybe forever.
Mod author said "It pains me to write this, but I have to put this mod on hold for now. My situation has changed, I barely have time to do anything on my PC at all, let alone do some gaming or modding.
I hope this will change over the next 2 months, but for now, this mod will remain as is with all faults." His last message was in April.
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damn thats disappointing. I was kinda expecting this though, so i guess 1.0 will have to wait until next year for me :(


Yeah it's a real shame about this mod, love the concept of aerial raiding beyond transport pods even if it would be OP and be end game in the tech tree .....Because sometimes shooting yourself out of a giant cannon wile coyote style if your just planning on selling some yayo tea to your neighbors feels a bit like overkill

(edit:Probably could just do with a reusable drop pod like what WM produced before dropping off the map)


FYI guys, Cpt.OHU is still working on this mod, he said in this Discord that it will take a while but is still working on it, that message was sent on Oct. 29th.


Any updates? I really need this mod in my 1.0 playthroughs.

I played some games without it, but it's so good, Rimworld doesn't feel right without it :(


This was an Awesome mod, i hope it gets updated by someone one day...



This mod looks so much more interesting, then regular transport pods. It's a shame, what it is not updated anymore.