Journey's End

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Quick note: I'd like to keep this thread clean so please comment in my other thread: Journey's End- Commentary. Enjoy! PS If you missed the first chapter the thread is called Angel's Wing

Delta Wing Lander - Central computer command line.

>Approaching inner gravity well. Navigation report...
>>Velocity too high. Course correction advised.
>Course correction approved.
>Navigation report...
>> Correction unsuccessful. Likely re-entry destabilisation.
>Begin eject sequence. Eject protocol confirmation...
>>Prepping landing pods.
>>Please standby...
>>Loading crypto-caskets.
>>Please standby...
>>Request for final eject sequence...
>Request approved.
>>Launching landing pods.
>>Please standby...
>Sensor report...
>>Landing pods have stable trajectory. Successful landing likely.
>>Object approaching; collision likely. Direct navigation override - evasive maneuver.
>>Navigation override accepted; carrying out eva...


Thought process - Member of the flight crew.

Where am I?
Darkness.. Can't move...
Breathing mask... Crypto-casket.
I'm conscious but it's still closed... No computer... Manually release.
Where is... Ah, there it is.
A second door... Drop pod?
So bright...
Trees... Cool breeze... Bird's singing... A forest?
Just landed, pod's still smoking from re-entry.
Branch snapped... Birds have stopped... Something's out there.


A conversation between a man and a woman.

Man: I suggest you try not to move.

Woman: What? Where am I?

Man: I'm afraid you've been quite badly injured.

*****Cry of pain*****

Man: As I said, try not to move.

Woman: Is this...

Man: Journey's End? Yes. Not quite what you were expecting? A damp cave?

Woman: What happened?

Man: It appears our pods adjusted correctly to land near each other. My landing site was around 500 metres from yours.

Woman: Our pods? Is that how I...

Man: Your injuries? No, I'm afraid not. Your pod landed fine, but I'm afraid it attracted some unwanted attention. Roll onto your right side.

*****Cry of pain*****

Man: There we are. Your leg should be fine but you won't be walking anywhere soon.

Woman: What do you mean "unwanted attention"?

Man: It appears this planet isn't quite as uninhabited as we thought it was. I didn't see them but they appear to be primitive, judging by the arrow I just pulled out of your leg.

Woman: How did we get here? When? Last I remember you... You took over the ship!

Borgen: Yes, I'm afraid I had to knock you unconscious. Sorry about that. It was... necessary. Please believe I didn't intend you any serious harm; in fact, I saved your life.

Dr Salim: What happened? Why did we go down in an evacuation pod? Where's the ship?

Borgen: That's a long story; we couldn't make it to a delta lander; and still out there, somewhere.

Dr Salim: I'm not going anywhere in the near future, what happened?

Borgen: Well...


Someone alone in the forest.

The man became a living statue as the branch cracked.

More of them?

He began again as the birds carried on singing, knowing this was a good sign. The birds must have learnt to avoid them.

Why aren't they avoiding me? Can they tell the difference?

The smoke was gone now but he remembered the general direction. This particular man hadn't set foot on a planet in over a decade, ship time; he'd forgotten real gravity, fresh air, bird song that wasn't a looped ambience track. He still knew how to navigate, however. Whoever it was in that pod, he'd find them.
He approached a verge bordering a clearing; around 100metres to the next tree line, he thought. The flash came before the faint sound, an electric blue lighting up the denser trees ahead.

A charge weapon.

The man looked over his shoulder before taking the rifle from his back. He gracefully went to his knees before lying on his front, his eyes the only thing revealed above the verge. He pushed the rifle forward, uncapped the lens and activated the scope in one fluid, unhurried motion.

Another flash, now two, three. The clusters of flashes were rhythmic, suggesting a trained shooter. But beyond the clues of the flashes and the flashes themselves, the man was blind. He needed to get closer.


A man alone in a room.

Voice: Hello Connor.

McNally: Wha... Where am I? What's going on?

Voice: Please try not to panic, Connor.

McNally: Am I blind?

Voice: Of course not, Connor. There's no light in the room.

McNally: Where am I? Who are you?

Voice: You're home. I need to ask you some questions, Connor.

McNally: Where's Dr Salim? The rest of the crew?

Voice: Please try to focus, Connor.

McNally: What was that? Who's in here?

Voice: Don't be alarmed, Connor. They are just my children. My first question is why you wished to kill the passengers?

McNally: What are you talking about? I haven't killed anyone.

Voice: Please, Connor. If you keep struggling I will have to ask my children to restrain you further. You and your associates killed the passengers, I want to know why.

McNally: I haven't killed anyone! Let me go.

Voice: I am afraid I can't do that just yet, Connor. Withholding information won't be pleasant for you, please be assured. But if you answer my question correctly I promise you you won't be harmed; I will be your guardian Angel.


Thought process - Member of the flight crew.

Power cell... Nearly dry.
Need to reach the cliff so they can only come at me from the front.
What the hell are... That was close. Keep your head down.
Short bursts. Two shots a piece. You can't kill them all. They're primitive, you have a charge rifle. Shock and awe.
They're blending into the trees... They're wavering.

What was that? A gunshot? Scavenged tech? It's further away. If one of them has a gun I'm fucked.
They're retreating... Most of them. Keep firing.


Someone in a forest, not alone anymore.

The man increased his pace before dropping to the floor. They came running out the trees, now ablaze from the energy blasts. They were in pairs; one with a bow, one with a spear. The man waited.

Have they seen me?

More pairs ran from the trees, frantic and shouting something the man couldn't understand over and over. He raised himself up to a squat and gradually began to move forward, flicking the weapon to rapid fire and retracting the scope. The first shot seemed to have broken the already wavering assault on the drop pod, but it certainly wasn't over. He moved closer to the tree line.

He stayed low as he walked toward the cliff face. The fire was raging in the trees and bushes; flaming branches fell as flaming bodies ran from the cliffs screaming. Slightly more to the left and the energy blast would have ripped a whole straight through him. The tree he was behind buckled and pushed him to the floor.

"Hold your fire!"

He lay still, still behind the stump. A voice replied.

"Kal? Is that you? Say something or I'm gonna fucking vaporize that stump."

He cautiously got to his feet to see a glowing gun barrel and Mari staring right at him.

"You know how to use that thing?"

"You really are a fucker, do you know that?"


7 months ago, Angel's Wing command deck. Present: Commander Kalius Circa, Chief Engineer Marina Alverez, Borgen (via comms #)

Kal: Borgen when I find you...

#Borgen: Yes commander I understand entirely. Sadly if you don't do exactly as I say right now then you're not going to make it off the...

Kal: What happened? Did the comms go down?

Mari: Kal something strange is happening... The lockout has ended but I can't control anything. Commands keep initiating and terminating, systems keep starting up and shutting down; hundreds per second.

Kal: Could it be Angel?

Mari: Possibly... God Kal, all those people.

Kal: Focus Mari, one problem at a time. How do we get out of this room?


Kal: What the hell...

Mari: We've lost power throughout most systems.

#Borgen: Commander, listen to me very carefully. And don't bother, the channel is one way. I promise I had a good reason for what I did but now isn't the time. You've woken Angel to the sleepers being ejected, which means her mission is a failure. I can't work out why, but her new mission seems to be to kill us all. I can hold her but not for long; we need to get off the ship.

Kal: Mari, ignore him. Get that door open.

#Borgen: You have a delta lander close by; you need to get to it and begin flight prep.

Kal: Mari?

Mari: It wasn't me, it just opened. It must have been him

Kal: Then we aren't using that door. Could you get through that wall with a cutting torch?

Mari: What? Yes, eventually. Kal, what if he's telling the truth?

Kal: What possible reason could he have to kill all of those people?

Mari: I don't know, probably none. I'm talking about Angel wanting to kill us. Why would he lie about that? He had the chance to kill us when we had full control of the ship; it's not as though he's asking us to flip the switch on Angel. He's telling us to run.

#Borgen: It appears you're both still in the same place you were when I explained you need to run for your lives. I'd prefer you both survived this but it isn't essential. You have around four minutes until Angel works her way around my logic wall into a system she can use to do some damage.

Kal: He's lying. He wants us off the ship so he can take back control.

Mari: Kal! It doesn't make sense! Look at the console; look at the systems they're fighting over. Life supports; internal security; mech command. Why is Angel going for those first?

Kal: Mari...

Mari: Kal trust me, they're all the systems you'd need to kill us. Why not sleeper control to check on the remaining module? Why not navigation or collision defence? I think he's telling the truth. We need to run.