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Quote from: spatula on April 28, 2014, 11:57:56 PM
I'd say you don't want to make too many options to do the same thing, like power or whatever- even play Space Station 13? I pretty much need the wiki open whenever I play because each job is so goddamn complicated... takes the fun out, so invariably I just end up going to the bar and trying to get people into some bizarre roleplay where we have to space monkeys or something. One time I turned into a crab in that game. That was a great day. Anyway, off topic....
Well the good thing about Rimworld is that it has an integrated wiki if you have questions and (relative) good descriptions for what researches/buildings do. So the problem with an overcomplexity is really low and as I said:

Different kinds/ways of power production and their drawbacks:

Solar power: Self explaining that it only works if the sun is shining

Wind power: Fluctuates and doesn't produce as much energy as Solar power (and takes more room), but produces ALL the time (if there is wind)

Coal power: You have to get Coal first and it can run out (maybe other drawbacks: "Dirty Air"/Air pollution, would make your ppl unhappy and maybe sick/loose health if they are too long in an area with Air pollution), but it produces good amounts of power

Steam power (mainly Geothermal / Forced Geothermal): Plop them down and get limitless power (resource wise), produces good amounts of power. Drawbacks: "normal" Geothermal only avaible near Volcanoes including the dangers of them, "forced" Geothermal takes more resources to place but you can use it anywhere, but it causes changes in the ground (raising/lowering of ground, small/micro-Earthquakes)

Fission power: Great amounts of power for an (relative) little amount of materials used, but... well you know what problems come with radiation, or? ;)

Fusion power: Good safety, ENORMOUS energy output but an great amount of materials needed AND needs an big amount of power to get started: you need special heat resitant materials for the generator and powerfull magnets to keep the plasma away from the hull, or else it will melt it [due to the fact that the plasma has to be ULTRA hot, even hotter as the sun, because of the lack of great gravity]. But the maximum that can happen is that the reactor gets an hole becasue the reactor shuts itself down if that happens.

So these are clear options for power production and then you'll have different kinds of power storage too. I don't think that it is that complicated. You don't have to know the exact values to run the reactors (unlike cooking / running the generator in SS13. Hell if you mix the gases wrong you'll get an explosion there... or only minimal amounts of power).

And I also would love some more events! Meteorite- / Asteroid-impact on the planet (small ones in your area would give you materials, bigger impacts [outside of your area] would produce clouds wich block the sun for some time), diseases (flu etc. spread via different ways: Muffalos, squirrels, food etc.), malfunctions of machines (would stop working and only start after some repairs), gifts from other factons, volcanic eruptions wich result in clouds wich block the sun but improve the steam output (and so the Geothermal power generation, due to bigger heat in the ground... maybe even make it possible to you to "predict" if an eruption is comming, due to increased power production from steam beforehand)... and the list goes on and on.


Some ideas toward factions:

Mood stats (and that regarding from one faction to another faction): Like, Anger and Fear as different stats. My idea is that it works like the Mood of colonists. So if an faction really hates you, they'll attack you, but they will fear you for every member you killed from them. If an faction "likes" you more than they hate you, they won't attack you, trade with you etc. If they Fear you you can DEMAND stuff from them and they won't attack you, untill either the fear is low enough or their anger towards you is higher. Anger and "Like" are static stats and can only change through your actions (bribing them, helping them, attacking them), Fear on the other hand slowly decays.

Relations between factions: Factions would have different "moods" regarding other factions too, like they have with you (as mentioned above). So it could be possible to broker peace between two factions wich hate eachother but like YOU.

Raiding / Attack: If you kill enough attackers the faction will think about other ways / times for attacking you. If you use many Turrets and other electronic ways of defense the attackers will come first at night / eclipse and later if an Solar flare is happening. Tribals would attack you a bit more random than pirates and other "stranded", because they (Tribals) don't know how electronics work. But all factions would send harder / stronger attackers instead of whole armys of ppl if you cut their "normal" attackers down within minutes.

More ideas to come! :)


Quotevolcanic eruptions wich result in clouds wich block the sun but improve the steam output (and so the Geothermal power generation, due to bigger heat in the ground... maybe even make it possible to you to "predict" if an eruption is comming, due to increased power production from steam beforehand)

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D yessssss


More ideas:

"Organic" Tech (as I call it: Zerg/Tyranid tech): Allows you to work with organic matter: "Living" buildings, turrets, walls, weapons and Xeno-workers (like Robots).

My ideas how the "Organic" Tech works:

These Techs work other than the "normal" (Electronic and Metal) based techs. The buildings need Bio-matter to be build and run on "Nutrition/Nutrients" instead of Electricity, you could imagine it as if you are working with Zerg/Tyranides.

Veins = cables: transport Nutrients
creep as an floortiling: also transports Nutrients and Bio-mass
Bio-Storage: stores Bio-mass and Nutrients
Brood-chamber: proceses meat and Bodies into Bio-Mass or uses Nutrients to make Bio-mass and breeds the Xeno-workers out of Bio-Mass
Nutrient-Maker: makes Nutrients from the fertility of the ground/Minerals in the ground [100% on fertile ground, 75% on normal ground, 50% on Stone and 25% on Sand]
Solar-Nutrient-Maker: produces the same amounts of Nutrients like the "normal" Nutrient-Maker, but doubles the output in Sunlight
Heat-Nutrient-Maker: has to be placed on an geyser but has 5 times the max output than the "normal" one
Feeder: feeds the Xenos with Nutrients, can also feed Colonists [they won't like it very much though...]
Bio-lights: like normal lamps, but use Nutrients
Nutrient-Electricity Exchanger: has an cap and an exchange rate, so you could "power" your "normal" base via Nutrients
Devourer: "Eats" food (potatoes, berries, Meat) and creates Nutrients and (small) amounts of Bio-mass from it, feeding it Meat will give more Bio-mass and feeding it whole Bodies will give far more Bio-Mass (depending on the Body, Muffalo gives most, then Human and last are Squirrel and Boomrat)

Yeah I know that my ideas are wildly swinging between Tech, Crystal and Biological. DON'T JUDGE ME!  :P

More ideas will follow. Side Note: I updated my Techtree spreadsheet, here is the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Asml8fbv8eNDdGZLVjFJaWFvUk9aamNfbnpvZXZuZVE&usp=sharing

And like usual I would really like your opinions and ideas here too! ;)


Different atmospheres:

If we get different Planets to choose from we should also consider that these planets don't have an Breathable atmosphere (for Humans), so your colonists have to wear spacesuits. You would have to make buildings with an Airlock (An door for itself... or an room?) and an O2 system for the buildings: ventilation system, O2 tank, Air purifier, plants produce O2 etc. You would have to either Terraform the planet so your colonists can walk outside withou an spacesuit.

Different Mayor gases in the atmosphere would also result into other "alien"-plants, examples: A plant wich produces methane (gas), another would consits of an combination of minerals (could be made into metal etc.), high explosive plants and the list goes on!

Now to some Machine/Building ideas:

Landing Pad: For flying vehicles. Mostly used for Global traders

Space craft launch pad: You send your Space crafts from here into space, comes in different sizes: 5x10, 15x10 and 30x10 (it functions like an railgun / maglev wich will "shoot" the spacecraft into space and takes tons of power to do so)

Assembly table: Your colonist assemble more complex stuff here: (small) Satelites, machines etc.

Auto-Hydro-basin: Works like an normal Hydro-basin but takes care of the plants automatically (planting, harvesting etc.)

Atmospheric-Hydro-basin: It's an Hydro-basin with it's own Atmosphere, so you can grow "Alien"-plants wich normally would need an other atmosphere (main gas: Hydrogen / Methane etc.)

Auto-Atmospheric-Hydro-basin: An combination of both above (Alien plants + Auto planting etc.)

Atmospheric pump: Needed to fill rooms with other atmospheres and gas an limited "filling power" (meaning tiles it can fill with a new atmosphere). It should only be used to fill rooms wich are "Air"-tight, but you can use it in an emergency for non-Air-tight rooms too (Airlock got brached, wall deconstructed etc.) but it will take more far more gas to keep the Atmosphere.

Atmospheric gas Storage (or "Gas Storage"): Stores Oxygen, Methane etc.

Air filter: Will filter the Air of unwanted Gases, mainly used to keep the level of gas in an enclosed system (example: O2 is wanted/needed, Methane, Carbondioxide etc. get filtered out untill an acceptable O2 level is reached)

Airlock: It's a set of 2 doors with small Atmos-pumps included, so no Atmosphere get's lost, could also be used to seal parts of the base of in case of an fire, to fill it with Carbondioxide to put the fires out (or other gases wich prevent fire from burning)

Gas "collector": Will collect Gases from the Atmosphere (it's like an big, reversed Air-filter) and in doing so reduce the amount of the wanted gas in the Atmosphere

Some of the Techs mentioned above could be needed to research the Terraformer (Gas-collector, Air-filter, Atmospheric pump) because this is the main functionality of an Terraformer (changing the gases in the Atmosphere)

...Regarding my ideas about robots/drones: Robots are mainly the size of an colonist, drones are about half the size of an colonist (they are hovering above the ground and are 1m or so in height, but still as "broad" as an colonist). You CAN make bigger robots, but those will mainly act as an "base" for other robots (moving charging station, drop-off point for resources etc.)

More will follow.


Can UW test team just put a (UW) at the start of their posts so that we can see which ones we nee to look at :)
YES! Its true! im updating The BIG BANG mod pack check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orzLZbECR20&list=UUr1sEPUEhFqy01q16zGisIg



And let's revive my Thread here! As Tynan is implementing an AI (at least for an Space Ship), I think that we could get more ideas/views here... And maybe our new Yogs ppl take an quick look at it too, when they arrive here! :D


SO ladies and gentlemen let's revive this monster of a thread! As you all can see this thread has still many more ideas, some of them are/will be implemented in the vanilla game!
Modders take your pick and I would be happy if this monster here could get pinned (because honestly: I have posted many ideas that re-surface constantly and are really wanted) ;)


I love all the ideas in the original post and I very rarely agree with everything. Great ideas!


"Ladies and Gentlemen, are you annoyed by the lack of "spare parts" for your colonists? Does the: "Cut as many organs/limbs from the prisoners as possible!" not supply you with enough arms, legs and internal organs? Then "Organ FarmTM" will solve your internal organ and "Harvest from the deadTM" will solve the Limb needs that your colony has (and you could even get internal organs if you are fast enough)!"

The ideas:
It's already established that people in Rimworld are used as organ farms (and in RL sadly) so way not have the ability to do it yourself? So how does it work? Simple:
Most organs will regenrate till they are fully functional. For example: You can cut the liver down to ~25% and it will regrow completely, in fact most other organs can do that.
So what your does that mean? I think that you could take a organ ingame and process it into multiple "seeds" of the organ, now you need a "farm" (can be anyone: Prisoners or even your own colonists). After some time the organs are "ripe" to be harvested, but his would give a hefty mood debuff for the "farm" if it is done too often in a short amount of time.

Harvest from the dead:
The human body and it's organs stay "good" for some time after death, internal organs will start to decompose beyond repair after 1-2 days depending on the organ (the digestion system decomposes the fastest because of the acid and bacterias), so I'm asking myself: Why aren't we allowed to harvest from the dead?
My idea would be a machine that cuts the dead person into "usable pieces" depending on how long they are dead and how damaged the parts are.