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Author Topic: [B18] Fewer Inferno Cannons (22nd Jan 2018)  (Read 2532 times)


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[B18] Fewer Inferno Cannons (22nd Jan 2018)
« on: November 18, 2017, 09:40:39 AM »

Should work fine with any other mod that doesn't change the commonality of the inferno cannon. I'm not aware of any other mod that does this.


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Fewer Inferno Cannons is a simple mod that halves the commonality weighting for the inferno cannon used by centipedes, while not actually making the weapon itself any less dangerous.

If you've had any significant mechanoid raids, you'd probably also be thinking that the amount of inferno cannons compared to heavy charge blasters or miniguns is indeed a tad high, considering that inferno cannons are also arguably the most dangerous weapons that centipedes have, essentially making the tank unit arguably more of a direct threat than the glass cannon Scythers.

The reason why I ultimately went ahead with this mod though is because incendiary launchers have their commonality turned down, so I didn't really see why inferno cannons shouldn't be treated the same, since the latter is the mechanoid equivalent of the former.

Marnador for their great RimWorld-style font.

As is standard with my mods: you may include this mod in a mod pack, and you may derive from this, but please inform me if you're doing so either through here or Ludeon Forums, and give credit where credit's due.
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