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Author Topic: Control over trade caravan position  (Read 8964 times)


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Re: Issues with Visitors/Traders
« Reply #30 on: May 15, 2017, 04:38:08 AM »

... that way you have the chance to keep them out of harms way...
Welcome to the forums Griffin ^^

I've merged your suggestion for a "trade spot" with an existing thread on this suggestion. Please can you use the search function next time (as per forum rule #9) to check if your suggestion has been made already before creating a new thread for it. (if you use the advanced search you can restrict the search to just the suggestion forum, and limit it to thread title only. Both of which should help you find existing threads on a specific suggestion).

As to the idea itself. If you check this thread you'll likely have the answer as to why this isn't in the game already. That being too easy to exploit, and due to the opposite of your above quote extract. Since not all players have "good intentions" when it comes to guests ;) And if players can direct where visitors / caravans go, then some players will "accidentally" put them in harms way and acquire themselves some free loot in the process (or are more than happy to accept the relationship consequences in return for said loot).

I'm not sure if Tynan has officially commented on this being the reason why there's no trading spot in the game, but it's probably a good educate guess as to why there isn't. If you do want this feature though then I believe there are a few mods that add it (there are various links to such mods earlier in the thread).

Edit - I've merged a few different "trade spot" suggestion threads into one. @ All - What I said above applies to everyone. Please can you use the search function to check if your suggestion has been made before creating a new thread for it, as we don't need several separate threads all making the same suggestion. Thank you.
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