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  • December 04, 2020, 02:53:24 PM
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Author Topic: More biome variations (denser forests) which are relatively easy to implement  (Read 654 times)


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I was contemplating to put this into the cheapest ideas thread because it should be not very time consuming to add, but since this can be expanded upon with new plants, terrain generation etc. and require additional balancing I put it in a separate thread.

More biome variations on the current ones that should be simple to add, but provide much more gameplay options, inspired by increased forest density mod:

List of changes proposed:
1. Add a more dense boreal forest called taiga, additionally can add small dense patches of forest into the current biome.

2. Add a more dense temperate forest, rename current one to temperate plains/grassland (cause let's be fair it looks more like plains than forest)
I think it looks great. Also you can make the trees grow in patterns like mountains (so there are natural occurring glades) it would make for very beautiful environments and a different way to play the game.
It can be expanded upon which would make the idea not that cheap to implement, by adjusting different aspects like rainfall, dry fire chances etc. for balance purposes.

3. Add more variations to tropical forests, by adding tropical marshlands (almost no trees), as well as a new Dense Tropical Rainforest with much more dense vegetation.

All the more dense biome versions would be slower to travel on global map (+marshlands), they can be random patches or have more profound generation algorithms on the global map.

In general I think it would add a lot of variety to gameplay at no expense of anything - all current biomes are still in place.
Going forward I think in general adding biomes is a good idea to bring more content into the game.


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+1 i would love to see more biomes and different variations of the current ones. I for one would like to see a extremely mountainous biome where there is very few places to grow food